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  1. Aelius e spion Mossad? Explica de ce nu poate sa fie activ mereu, probabil investigheaza fetisuri personal :))))))))) Ce-i cu asta, bre?
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  2. Caut de vreo saptamana originea celor doua cantece devenite virale in ultimele 3 luni. Am aflat de la OP-ul de pe Youtube ca era o "haita" pe acest forum si ca mai sunt mult mai multe cantece. Am gasit username-ul lui Mossad, aelius, dar nu stiu cum as putea sa il contactez. Daca cineva are informatii despre Bunicul, daca mai traieste si unde sunt restul cantecelor sau un link la topicul in care au fost postate original, va rog sa anuntati in acest topic.
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  3. Security researchers detected a new ransomware strain that leveraged piracy as a means of distributing itself to Mac users. On June 29, a Twitter user reached out to Malwarebytes about a malicious Little Snitch installer that was available for download on a Russian forum known for sharing torrent links. A close look at the installer revealed that it used a generic icon and arrived within a disk image file. Upon activation, this resource loaded the legitimate installer and uninstaller apps for Little Snitch, a program which alerts users when an app attempts to connect to
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  4. salut. daca ma poti ajuta cu invitatie pe scene fz
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