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  1. Merchants with zeroconf: With my black hat on I recently performed numerous profitable double-spend attacks against zeroconf accepting fools. With my white hat on, I'm warning everyone. The strategy is simple: tx1: To merchant, but dust/low-fee/reused-address/large-size/etc. anything that miners don't always accept. tx2: After merchant gives up valuable thing in return, normal tx without triggering spam protections. (loltasticly a Mike Hearn Bitcoin XT node was used to relay the double-spends) Example success story: tx1 paying Shapeshift.io with 6uBTC output is not dust under post-Hearn-relay-drop rules, but is dust under pre-Hearn-relay-drop rules, followed by tx2 w/o the output and not paying Shapeshift.io. F2Pool/Eligius/BTCChina/AntPool etc. are all miners who have reverted Hearn's 10x relay fee drop as recommended by v0.11.0 release notes and accept these double-spends. Shapeshift.io lost ~3 BTC this week in multiple txs. (they're no longer accepting zeroconf) Example success story #2: tx1 with post-Hearn-relay drop fee, followed by tx2 with higher fee. Such stupidly low fee txs just don't get mined, so wait for a miner to mine tx2. Bought a silly amount of reddit gold off Coinbase this way among other things. I'm surprised that reddit didn't cancel the "fools-gold" after tx reversal. (did Coinbase guarantee those txs?) Also found multiple Bitcoin ATMs vulnerable to this attack. (but simulated attack with tx2s still paying ATM because didn't want to go to trouble of good phys opsec) Shoutouts to BitPay who did things right and notified merchant properly when tx was reversed. In summary, every target depending on zeroconf vulnerable and lost significant sums of money to totally trivial attacks with high probability. No need for RBF to do this, just normal variations in miner policy. Shapeshift claims to use Super Sophisticated Network Sybil Attacking Monitoring from Blockcypher, but relay nodes != miner policy. Consider yourself warned! My hat is whiter than most, and my skills not particularly good. What to do? Users: Listen to the experts and stop relying on zeroconf. Black hats: Profit! https://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-dev%40lists.linuxfoundation.org/msg00500.html Brainwallets: Released on 7th August at DEF CON 23, one of the world's largest annual hacker conventions, Castellucci's brainwallet cracker, called Brainflayer, is capable of guessing 130,000 passwords a second. Running on more powerful computers, $1 can be used to check 560 million passphrases, according to its creator. When this firepower is applied to ASCII passwords, ones constructed from US keyboard characters, and XKCD passwords, those comprised of four common words, Castellucci suggested a botnet could check every bitcoin address that has ever received funds in a single day. ...prototype Brainflayer had retrieved 250 BTC, then worth $20,000 from cracked brainwallets. Castellucci said he was put into a difficult ethical situation as a result. He had two options – take some bitcoins as part of an effort to alert the wallet user that their security is vulnerable, or try to contact them through other means. Ultimately, he said he wasn't sure what to do. New Cracking Tool Exposes Major Flaw in Bitcoin Brainwallets https://rya.nc/defcon-brainwallets.html https://github.com/ryancdotorg/brainflayer/
  2. O prezenta ceva?!cine lipseste pe forum ?
  3. windows 10 enterprise: default settings->privacy->webcam on,microphone on,location on,messaging on,and Cortana can get to know you
  4. So I scam so hard muhfuckas wanna dox me dumb niggas, Im behind 7 proxies What’s 50 BTC to a muhfucka like me Blockchain please remind me? scam so hard, this shit crazy Y’all don’t know that don’t shit phase me tor updated to 4.0.2 and I took your coins to BTC-E scam so hard, the coins cleared We ain’t even s’pose to be here, scam so hard, since we here It’s only right that we be fair Psycho admins liable go evo, take your pick Verto , NSWGreat, Kimble, scammed Bitch scam so hard, got a broke clock, Rolleys that don’t tick tock Audemars that’s losing time, hidden behind all these big rocks scam so hard, I’m shocked too, I’m supposed to be locked up too you escaped what I’ve escaped You’d be in Belize getting fucked up too
  5. fed

    1000$ btc

  6. It folds down the middle and uses Bluetooth For heavy-duty writing on the go, regular keyboards are too big, while touchscreen keyboards are too small. But Microsoft is betting that is new, foldable keyboard will be just right. Microsoft unveiled the Universal Foldable Keyboard on Monday, a thin, lightweight keypad that folds down the middle. Unfold the keyboard and it automatically powers on and connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones or tablets. The battery lasts upwards of three months on a single charge, according to Microsoft. The keyboard will go on sale at the Microsoft Store and various retailers this July for $99.95. Microsoft Just Made a Foldable Keyboard for Easy Packing
  7. 360 Total Security | Download Free Antivirus for PC 5 engines in one product inclusiv bitdefender si avira. Testat cu payloads 'nedectetabile' veil : 360 Total Security le sterge direct Bitdefender Total Security 2015 le pastreaza "curatate" Kaspersky Total Security nu detecteaza nici o problema
  8. St. Eugene Hacker from Anapa Evgeny Bogachev declared wanted by the FBI for fraud and extortion of money by a botnet Gameover Zeus, among neighbors and residents of the resort town is considered to be a hero. This in his special report from the Krasnodar region reported The Telegraph . In early June, based on the documents of the FBI, the British newspaper correspondents managed to set the address of the intended stay Bogacheva. As it turned out, his last location of US intelligence agencies believe the house number 120 on the street Lermontov. Send to this address journalists talked with the locals and found that for most of them is a model of hacker clever and talented man. Neighbors describe Evgeny Bogachev, as a quiet young man who loved to ride on a yacht. About Bogacheva employment in the IT sector, some of the residents knew only on sticker on his car Volvo, touting "repair of computer equipment." Seeing his neighbor in a photo from the press release the FBI, many refused to consider him a criminal, claiming that in fact Bogachyov - the hero and the "nice guy." According to 23-year-old local resident Michael, he often saw Eugene Bogacheva in the hallway, facing the street with his wife and 9-year-old daughter. Hacker believes talented young man and his actions on hacking other people's computers - it is moral because he hacked only "enemy computers, not their, Russian users." The same view is shared by the journalists surveyed The Telegraph local taxi driver Vazgen Atanasov. "Great guy." "If we consider that the Americans are doing with other people, their actions, he just pay them what they deserved. Vazgen Atanasov, a taxi driver from Anapa" Law enforcement agencies of the spa town, apparently, is not going to take any kind of action was to catch the hacker. The representative of the local police station refused to tell The Telegraph whether he received instructions from their superiors about Eugene Bogacheva. At the same time, speaking on my own behalf, a police officer said that he "would hang on Bogacheva medal." US authorities have put forward against Eugene Bogacheva charges of fraud, money laundering and hacking at the beginning of June. At the same time, the FBI reported that they were able to take control of the partially created Bogachyov Gameover Zeus botnet and "free" about 300 thousand were part of a computer. This US law enforcement agencies benefited from collaboration with the Ukrainian police, seized in May in Kiev and Donetsk several command servers botnet. Botnet Eugene Bogacheva worked on the basis of his writings Trojan Zeus, and for profit used the program Cryptolocker. With Cryptolocker hacker could encrypt files on users' computers and demand ransom for the return of access to them. According to the FBI, once the victim Gameover Zeus became even employees of one of the police stations in Massachusetts. For unlocking their computers police moved Bogachyov $ 750. In total, income from the Gameover Zeus is estimated at US $ 100 million. ?????? ??????? — ??????? ???????????? ??? ? ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ??????? ??? ??????
  9. Can you trade your 25$ for my goat?
  10. Ahead a fost arestat cand a cazut forumul
  11. Exclusive: DirectX 12 Will Allow Multi-GPU Between GeForce And Radeon We have early information about some of the details regarding DirectX 12, and what follows will surprise you. A source with knowledge of the matter gave us some early information about an "unspoken API," which we strongly infer is DirectX 12. We first heard of DirectX 12 in 2013, and DirectX 12 appears to finally be around the corner. It's expected to launch in tandem with the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. The new API will work much differently from older APIs, and it's common knowledge by now that it will be "closer to the hardware" than older APIs, similar to AMD's Mantle. This will bring massive improvements in framerates and latency, but that's not all that DirectX 12 has up its sleeve. Explicit Asynchronous Multi-GPU Capabilities One of the big things that we will be seeing is DirectX 12's Explicit Asynchronous Multi-GPU capabilities. What this means is that the API combines all the different graphics resources in a system and puts them all into one "bucket." It is then left to the game developer to divide the workload up however they see fit, letting different hardware take care of different tasks. Part of this new feature set that aids multi-GPU configurations is that the frame buffers (GPU memory) won't necessarily need to be mirrored anymore. In older APIs, in order to benefit from multiple GPUs, you'd have the two work together, each one rendering an alternate frame (AFR). This required both to have all of the texture and geometry data in their frame buffers, meaning that despite having two cards with 4 GB of memory, you'd still only have a 4 GB frame buffer. DirectX 12 will remove the 4 + 4 = 4 idea and will work with a new frame rendering method called SFR, which stands for Split Frame Rendering. Developers will be able to manually, or automatically, divide the texture and geometry data between the GPUs, and all of the GPUs can then work together to work on each frame. Each GPU will then work on a specific portion of the screen, with the number of portions being equivalent to the number of GPUs installed. Our source suggested that this technology will significantly reduce latency, and the explanation is simple. With AFR, a number of frames need to be in queue in order to deliver a smooth experience, but what this means is that the image on screen will always be about 4-5 frames behind the user's input actions. This might deliver a very high framerate, but the latency will still make the game feel much less responsive. With SFR, however, the queue depth is always just one, or arguably even less, as each GPU is working on a different part of the screen. As the queue depth goes down, the framerate should also go up due to freed-up resources. The source said that with binding the multiple GPUs together, DirectX 12 treats the entire graphics subsystem as a single, more powerful graphics card. Thus, users get the robustness of a running a single GPU, but with multiple graphics cards. It should be noted that although the new Civilization: Beyond Earth title runs on Mantle, it has an SFR option and works in a similar way because AMD's Mantle API supports SFR. Mind you, Split Frame Rendering is not a new trick by any means. Many industrial film, photography, and 3D modelling applications use it, and back in the 90s some game engines also supported it. Of course, chances are you won't be able to use all of the options described above at the same time. Split frame rendering, for example, will still likely require some of the textures and geometry data to be in multiple frame buffers, and there may be other sacrifices that have to be made. Build A Multi-GPU System With Both AMD And Nvidia Cards We were also told that DirectX 12 will support all of this across multiple GPU architectures, simultaneously. What this means is that Nvidia GeForce GPUs will be able to work in tandem with AMD Radeon GPUs to render the same game – the same frame, even. This is especially interesting as it allows you to leverage the technology benefits of both of these hardware platforms if you wish to do so. If you like Nvidia's GeForce Experience software and 3D Vision, but you want to use AMD's TrueAudio and FreeSync, chances are you'll be able to do that when DirectX 12 comes around. What will likely happen is that one card will operate as the master card, while the other will be used for additional power. What we're seeing here is that DirectX 12 is capable of aggregating graphics resources, be that compute or memory, in the most efficient way possible. Don't forget, however, that this isn't only beneficial for systems with multiple discrete desktop GPUs. Laptops with dual-graphics solutions, or systems running an APU and a GPU will be able to benefit too. DirectX 12's aggregation will allow GPUs to work together that today would be completely mismatched, possibly making technologies like SLI and CrossFire obsolete in the future. There is a catch, however. Lots of the optimization work for the spreading of workloads is left to the developers – the game studios. The same went for older APIs, though, and DirectX 12 is intended to be much friendlier. For advanced uses it may be a bit tricky, but according to the source, implementing the SFR should be a relatively simple and painless process for most developers. Queueing frames has been a difficult point for various studios, such that on some games SLI or CrossFire configurations don't even work. The aggregation together with SFR should solve that issue. Exclusive: DirectX 12 Will Allow Multi-GPU Between GeForce And Radeon
  12. Bitcoin Crime Wave Breaks Out in NYC Stagecoach robberies Dean Katz is a one-man bitcoin exchange. Every day, he drives around New York buying and selling bitcoin, on call to a large customer base. He’s like a weed delivery guy, only instead of delivering drugs, he’s bringing people the future of financial transactions. One day, he received a call from someone who had heard about his services, either online or through a referral, who wanted to visit him out in Queens at a secure location. “He called because he wanted to gamble during the Super Bowl, which is pretty common,” Mr. Katz told the Observer. When the person arrived, he held Mr. Katz up at gunpoint and forced him to transfer $8,500 worth of bitcoin. Then, the robber took $3,500 in cash and split. Mr. Katz reported the incident to the police, and he’s heard from a number of people also who trade bitcoin in person that there have been other incidents. Some of the occurrences have been physical robberies, others have just involved the use of counterfeit money—which as a hustling entrepreneur, Mr. Katz considers just as offensive. Bitcoin Crime Wave Breaks Out in NYC | | Observer Vand 5btc 170$/btc predare cash la mine in casa in Ferentari
  13. A south suburban police department paid a $500 ransom to an unidentified hacker to regain access to data from a police computer the hacker managed to disable, records show. Midlothian in January was hit with a form of computer virus called Cryptoware, said Calvin Harden Jr., an IT vendor who works with the village. The hacker demanded payment through bitcoin, a digital currency often used by individuals engaging in sophisticated or sometimes illegal activities on the Internet. "It didn't encrypt everything in the police department. It was just that computer and specific files," not the entire system, Harden said. The hacker didn't access the information on the computer but merely shut it down and made it inaccessible, Harden said. The Federal Trade Commission and the FBI issued a public warning last year to consumers and businesses about the virus, saying it's "essentially extortion." Midlothian's police force isn't the first government agency to fall victim to the cybercrime. The city of Detroit and a Tennessee sheriff's office both encountered Cryptoware hackers who sought ransoms in the past year, according to published reports. Fred Hayes, Elwood's top cop and president of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, said this type of virus is becoming more common and that federal officials have been in touch about it. His advice to departments is to back up their data. "This is something that quite a few people recently, and when I say recently (I mean) over the last year or two, have been experiencing," Hayes said. At the Midlothian Police Department, someone opened an email that contained the virus, allowing the virus to lock down the computer, Harden said. A message popped up on the machine demanding money in exchange for a virtual code that would return access, Harden said. Midlothian Police Chief Harold Kaufman confirmed that the department had been hacked but otherwise declined to comment. Neither Kaufman, Midlothian's mayor, nor the village clerk returned further messages asking whether the village would pursue the hacker, but Harden said he believed officials would do so. An FBI spokeswoman wouldn't confirm whether the village made the FBI aware of the incident. Village officials released a copy of the town's invoice in response to an open records request by the Tribune. The invoice, "for MPD virus," shows the village sent a $606 money order to a bitcoin cafe in New York to transmit the money to the hacker. The payment included bank fees and surcharges. Officials tried to wire the money through Bank of America, Harden said, but couldn't. The village had to make a difficult decision whether to comply with the demand, Harden said, and chose to because a pursuit of the hacker might have been more trouble than it's worth. "Because the backups were also infected, the option was to pay the hacker and get the files unencrypted," Harden said, "which is what we decided to do." Harden said he believes the hacker's actions are criminal, which is why the hacker requested "pretty much untraceable" bitcoin as payment. The sheriff's office in Tennessee paid $572 to a hacker known as Nimrod Gruber to regain access to its files, according to reports. Detroit's mayor said in November that the database that was frozen there wasn't essential to government operations, and the city refused to pay a ransom of several hundred thousand dollars a hacker sought. Mike Alsup, co-chair of the Communications and Technology Committee for the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, said the issue of cyber security "weighs heavily" on police chiefs. "Chiefs across the entire nation are concerned with the growing trend of computer crime," Alsup said. "Hardly a day goes by that we don't see in both the print and audio media, we hear of instances of computer crime, computer hacking, large organized criminal groups internationally that are stealing through the use of computers." Harden, Midlothian's IT vendor, said he does work for a law firm that experienced a similar virus last year, and added that it's "happening to people every day." "When you tell someone this, it's sort of they're like, 'What?' It's sort of a crazy scenario," Harden said. "But it's happening." Midlothian cops pay bitcoin ransom to retrieve data from hacker - Chicago Tribune
  14. Hackers stole from 100 banks and rigged ATMs to spew cash Hackers have stolen approximately $1 billion in what could be one of the largest bank heists ever, according to a new report from the Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky said Sunday it has uncovered how hackers surreptitiously installed spying software on bank computers, eventually learned how to mimic bank employee workflows and used the knowledge to make transfers into bank accounts they had created for this theft. More than 100 banks were hit, Kaspersky said, and based on the hackers' practice of stealing between $2.5 million and $10 million from each bank, it estimated "total financial losses could be as a high as $1 billion, making this by far the most successful criminal cyber campaign we have ever seen." Kaspersky did not name the banks but said they are institutions located in 25 countries, including the United States. It also said the "attacks remain active," and provided tips for bank officials to determine if their computers are vulnerable. The thieves were Russian, Ukranian, Chinese and European, Kaspersky said. The individual thefts involved no more than $10 million apiece. Related: Congress wants banks to admit they've been hacked Kaspersky called the malware "Carbanak" and said it provided the hackers the ability to watch bank employees conduct their business. "This allowed them to see and record everything that happened on the screens of staff who serviced the cash transfer systems," Kaspersky said. "In this way the fraudsters got to know every last detail of the bank clerks' work and were able to mimic staff activity in order to transfer money and cash out." After penetrating a bank's computer systems, the hackers lurked for "two to four months" before striking in one of several ways, like changing an account balance, then transferring the excess funds into their own accounts. They also spewed cash out of ATMs when "one of the gang's henchmen was waiting beside the machine" to collect the money. An industry cybersecurity group has "disseminated intelligence on this attack to the members," according to The New York Times, which first covered the report. The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center told the Times that "some briefings were also provided by law enforcement entities." Hackers stole from 100 banks and rigged ATMs to spew cash - Feb. 15, 2015
  15. Mai erau cazuri de genul: mama ridica masina sa isi salveze fetita,sau yogin care sta in acelasi loc si mai multe persoane incearca sa-l ridice sau sa-i schimbe pozitia si nu reusesc. Concluzia la ambele: puterea mintii asupra materiei.
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