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  1. Intr-o luna o sa revina lucrurile la normal in china , iar la noi in europa eu cred ca o sa fie un varf de epidemie prin iunie . deci o sa ne revenim prin septembrie . // daca se procedeaza corect si cu cap . in 2 luni ne revenim . dar nu prea cred.
  2. Investiti in bitcoin/altcoin ! eu am pierdut $30.000 intr o saptamana . dar sunt sigur ca anul asta o sa sara de 15.000 $ ,
  3. Isi freaca mainile toti cu corona asta . abia o asteptau . mai ales la noi in tara . isi mai baga cate 2-3 sute de mii $ in buzunar, politicienii nostrii scumpi si dragi . Abia asteptau toti sa faca din tantar armasar . Mai da-o in ... de gripa ordinara .
  4. The desire to buy the painting turned out to be more than £ 2 million for the Twente State Museum (Netherlands). According to Bloomberg, the art museum initiated negotiations with British art dealer Simon C. Dickinson Ltd to buy an expensive painting by the English artist John Constable, which the museum director noticed on European art exhibition. For several months, the parties were negotiating by e-mail, at some point the attackers managed to gain access to the systems of one of the organizations and intervene in the correspondence. Under the guise of an art dealer, they sent fake messages to the museum, after which the latter transferred £ 2.4 million ($ 3.1 million) to a bank account in Hong Kong supposedly owned by Simon Dickinson. As a result, the art dealer never received the money owed to him, and the scammers could not be calculated. Now the affected parties in court find out who is to blame for the situation. In a lawsuit filed with the London High Court, the museum accused Simon Dickinson of not revealing email fraud. In turn, the art dealer said that he did not notice someone else's presence in the correspondence, and the museum had to check the account before sending funds to it. In addition, both sides consider each other a source of theft, since each of them allowed a compromise of their systems. The Twente State Museum claims damages. The court did not find the defendant guilty of negligence, but noted that the revised claims for damages could be accepted for consideration. Now the court must decide to whom the ownership of the painting belongs. Source: https://www.securitylab.ru/news/504590.php
  5. A joint group of researchers from the Ruhr and New York Universities has developed a new attack method that makes it possible to impersonate a legitimate user on a mobile network. The technique, called IMP4GT (IMPersonation Attacks in 4G NeTworks), exploits a vulnerability in 4G LTE, namely, the lack of protection of the integrity of user data in LTE. At the time of connecting or activating subscriber equipment in the network, the network starts the authentication procedure and key agreement agreement AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement). The purpose of this procedure is the mutual authentication of the subscriber and the network and the development of the KASME intermediate key. In LTE networks, mutual authentication occurs on the control plane, however, on the user plane there is no verification of the integrity of user data, which an attacker can use to manipulate and redirect IP packets. In addition to the lack of integrity checking, the IMP4GT attack exploits the reflection mechanism in the IP stack of the mobile operating system. Specialists described two attack scenarios affecting the upstream and downstream channels of the network. In the first case, the attacker pretends to be a legitimate device on the network and can use any site disguised as a victim. In this case, all traffic generated by the attacker will be associated with the IP address of the victim. In the second case, the attacker can establish a TCP / IP connection with the phone and bypass any mechanism of the LTE network firewall (does not apply to protective mechanisms above the IP level). According to researchers, an attacker can impersonate a device or network at an IP level and send or receive IP packets under the guise of a stolen identity, but an attacker will not be able to access private e-mail accounts or instant messengers, make calls or crack TLS encryption. In addition, such an attack is quite difficult to implement, since it will require special skills and equipment, and the attacker himself must be close to the victim. Specialists will present more detailed information about the IMP4GT method at the NDSS Symposium 2020 conference, which will be held in San Diego in late February. Source: https://www.securitylab.ru/news/505155.php
  6. Security researcher and developer at NIC.gp. Michel Gaschet found at Microsoft serious problems managing thousands of his subdomains. According to him, the company's subdomains can be easily hacked by attackers and used in attacks on both its users and employees. Over the past three years, Gasket has repeatedly reported to Microsoft about subdomains with incorrect DNS record configurations, but the company either ignored its messages or “silently” fixed bugs, but not all of them. So, in 2017, the researcher notified of 21 vulnerable subdomains of msn.com, and in 2019, another 142 subdomains of microsoft.com. According to Gasket, the company corrected the configuration of no more than 5-10% of the subdomains that he reported. Until recently, vulnerable subdomains did not cause Microsoft any concern. However, now everything seems to have changed. The researcher identified at least one cybercriminal group hacking Microsoft subdomains in order to publish spam on them. On at least four subdomains, Basket found ads from Indonesian online casinos (portal.ds.microsoft.com, perfect10.microsoft.com, ies.global.microsoft.com, and blog-ambassadors.microsoft.com). According to the researcher, Microsoft is in no hurry to fix vulnerabilities on its subdomains, since this is not included in the reward payment program for detected vulnerabilities. The problem of hacking subdomains is not part of bug bounty and therefore is not a priority. Source: https://www.securitylab.ru/news/505182.php
  7. Nu ma asteptam sincer sa existe asa ceva :))) Mai bine nu-mi timiteai :)))
  8. Mda.. . usor usor acum il ai acum nu-l mai ai , cum spuneam mai devreme , mereu am pierdut , de exemplu am pierdut acum vreo 700-800 $ Bitcoin Balance 1.08721992 BTC
  9. NU, Mereu am pierdut . cand am incercat sa tin btc-ul si sa nu il schimb pentru cash am pierdut de fiecare data . Iar de atunci nu tin mai mult de o luna fara sa schimb, cand am nevoie cumpar si tot asa . Cineva din familia mea are 15 btc cumparati pe la $4000 , si-a dublat banii , inca nu a schimbat nimic , spera sa se imbogateasca .. dar sti cum e , nemultumitului i se ia darul , sper sa nu.
  10. Asa e, nu strica niciodata un sistem in plus de securitate, cat despre malware poate fi detectat dar acestia sunt f putini . sa spun %20 din leads. dupa ceva timp . Intr-adevar poti sa te incadrezi in cei 20% . Ai dreptate .
  11. La dracu cu toate AV pentru cunoscatori (azor dupa 4000 de install uri). Tot nu inteleg de ce sa mai folosesc av cand oricum este degeaba . Mai imi vand si datele....toate sunt niste mizerii File: file ℹ️ Size: 973312 bytes | (973.31 KB) ℹ️ MD5: 188a0fe730dfee8b173ac1dd1cb401ca ℹ️ VT Status: clean ⏱ Scan time: 31-01-2020 16:15:44 ⌛️ Scanned in: 7 sec ✅ adaware: [CLEAN] ✅ ahnlab: [CLEAN] ✅ alyac: [CLEAN] ✅ avast: [CLEAN] ✅ avg: [CLEAN] ✅ avira: [CLEAN] ✅ bitdef: [CLEAN] ✅ bullguard: [CLEAN] ✅ clam: [CLEAN] ✅ comodo: [CLEAN] ✅ drweb: [CLEAN] ✅ emsisoft: [CLEAN] ✅ nod32: [CLEAN] ✅ fortinet: [CLEAN] ✅ fsec: [CLEAN] ✅ ikarus: [CLEAN] ✅ kasper: [CLEAN] ✅ mcafeetp: [CLEAN] ✅ mbytes: [CLEAN] ✅ pandagp: [CLEAN] ✅ sophos: [CLEAN] ✅ trend: [CLEAN] ✅ webroot: [CLEAN] ✅ mssec: [CLEAN] ✅ zonealarm: [CLEAN] ✅ zillya: [CLEAN] ✅: 26 👹: 0
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