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  1. Asta e tot anuntul , Topic updated 3 August 2019 I sell socks5 backconnect system consists of: client part - socks.exe - does not hide from the dispatcher. minimum load on av detekty. XP support and higher (win 10 + windows server) - socks.dll - a separate assembly in the form of a dll (for injecting into your bot) there is autorun. after rebooting the pc socks are returned. otstuk about 70% after the standards crypt the system works in multi-threaded mode, which gives a high increase in the speed of socks Runtime scan after crypt standards https://dyncheck.com/scan/id/8772793e688ddd5a903d5b279cc30449 only node 32 is burning 360 Total Security Essential Clean AVG Internet Security Clean AhnLab V3 Light Clean Avast Internet Security Clean Avira Internet Security Clean BitDefender Total Security BullGuard Internet Security Clean Comodo Internet Security Run Virtually DrWeb Total Security Clean Emsisoft Anti-Malware Clean Eset Smart Security Dynamic detect after 5 sec. F-Secure Internet Security Clean Fortinet Smart Security Clean Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Clean McAfee Internet Security Clean Panda Global Protection Clean Sophos Anti-Virus Clean Trend Micro Internet Security Clean Webroot SecureAnywhere Clean Windows Defender Clean server part supports installation both on win servers and on Linux (server requirements 400mb free RAM for 1 000 socks) - server.exe to run on win servers - server.out to run on Linux - php admin For software, a dedicated (non-shared) 1 gbit channel is recommended. if they just hang and are not used - the Internet is not consumed. for stable operation each socks consumes from 1 megabit fastflux bot is not supported. need normal server / vps. features - loader with update function every N hours by reference (for long survivability it is necessary to update the crypts every day) crypt not doing. You can find on the forum. approximate price of $ 1000 per month free setup apload crypt on your server You can also use a certificate instead of a crypt. vitality increases - firewall (access to socks only from trusted ip) - authorization on socks by login and password - GeoIP - display of computer name / user - adding comments for the bot The bot also works at integrity level low . only in autorun in such cases will not be added admin rights to run are not required. GeoIP can be configured via maxmind online service (weekly database updates. latest data) just insert id and key from maxmind The system is developed in assembler. high speed minimum size file weight socks.exe 12kb socks.dll 10kb server.exe 14kb server.out 10kb (for Linux) supports regular domains and ip + .bit domains (implementation via dns request) if you ship more than 1k socks, then domains / ip fall into black. It is recommended to change ip every 3 days. if you have a booze host, you can use ip instead of domain (cost about $ 10 for one ip) if you have a white host, it is recommended to use domains to move if you have problems. After the purchase I issue a link to the builder (10 attempts). at the end of + 50 $ 1 attempt screen builder http://i66.tinypic.com/5wcuax.jpg admin screen http://i63.tinypic.com/j7w4zd.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/szv9za.jpg free setup if you have something wrong. the cost of a set of $ 1000 in bitcoin (discounts are possible)
  2. Nu exista captcha atata timp cat inregistrarea se face prin aplicatie si nu de pe web.
  3. Ai vrut sa pari interesant ? ca nu te inteleg . Uite ca eu am si facultate si tot nu stiu c++ . Te-ai udat cand ai auzit de 10k/saptamana ? Daca tot esti asa tare, de ce nu faci tu ce am cerut ? Sau nu ai terminat 12 clase ?
  4. Da, parerea mea . uite aici link-ul de la vechiul autoposting pe care l am avut . nu am sursa.. trebuie decompilat . https://ufile.io/vhkjinmu programul nu mai functioneaza . nici macar nu-l mai deschide . ideea e ca eu nu il vreau ca pe acesta . eu vreau sa aibe functie de auto-register si post . la cel vechi trebuia sa bag eu conturile si dupa posta . EDIT: Am primit foarte multe intrebari legate de aplicatie . Deci mai pe scurt . aplicatie trebuie sa fie de windows . dar datorita faptului ca pe offerup.com poti sa postezi doar printr o aplicatie ios/android . trebuie sa ai cunostinte de android/ios .
  5. Since 2007, hackers have provided virtual services to criminals. July 16, 2019 | 17:15 0 123 The SBU operatives with partners from the United States stopped the activities of a powerful hacker group. This was reported by the. Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov. Since 2007, hackers have provided virtual services to criminals, creating conditions for them to freely carry out illegal activities. The attackers used Dark Net - a part of the Internet that was hidden from ordinary users, where it is possible to anonymously purchase weapons, drugs and the like. Law enforcement officers could not identify the participants, because hosting did not respond to requests. Intelligence officers have established that the organizer of the group is a citizen of Ukraine, who received his first hacker experience in Moscow in the mid-2000s. Already in 2007, he began to provide his services to hackers around the world through Ukrainian networks, carefully concealing the actual location of his equipment from law enforcement officers and special services of any country. The equipment was periodically found by Ukrainian, Russian, and American law enforcement officers, confiscated it, temporarily ceased operations, but the hacker group continued to operate. The group has about ten main participants and dozens of accomplices in several countries, as well as thousands of customers. They are concerned that hundreds of terabytes of data are in the hands of the special services, which can be evidence in hundreds of criminal cases around the world. According to our estimates, we can talk about 40% of the Russian-language segment of Dark Net, ”said the acting minister. head of the SBU. In the United States alone, an average of fifty years in prison was brought against the organizer. He is accused of fraud, unauthorized interference, theft of personal data and a number of other crimes under US criminal law. In Ukraine, the organizer and another member of the group declared suspicion of committing criminal offenses under Part 2 of Art. 361 and Part 3 of Art. 301 of the Criminal Code. They are under house arrest. During the authorized investigative actions on the territory of a private house near Odessa, we found a real data center with a backup autonomous power source, security, powerful Internet access channels, which was carefully hidden. A preliminary study of network equipment and an assessment of the ranges of IP addresses used by the grouping indicates at least three autonomous systems reserved for enterprises of the Russian Federation. Given the counter-intelligence regime that exists in the Russian Federation, as well as the technological features of the organization and construction of SORM-3, possession and control of this numbering resource by the group could not take place without control and cover of Russian special services. This information allows the SBU to get a clearer picture of the cyber attacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure facilities, and the role of the Russian special services in cyber attacks on other countries. Partea cu liftul.. chiar interesanta . Source : https://368.media/2019/07/16/sbu-razoblachila-krupnuyu-hakerskuyu-set-v-odesse/
  6. Ai dreptate. Este vorba despre un autoposting. pentru o aplicatie care ruleaza doar pe ios/android . Am deja unul . doar ca nu mai ruleaza cum trebuie. si vreau sa fie facut altcumva .
  7. Cybercrime group Sea Turtle attacked the organization ICS-Forth, which controls the Greek top-level domains .gr and .el. Cisco Talos was first talked about Sea Turtle grouping in April this year. The attackers use a very unusual technique of hacking - instead of attacking the victim directly, they gain access to domain registrar accounts and managed DNS providers and change the company's DNS settings. By modifying the DNS records of internal servers, attackers redirect traffic destined for legitimate applications and the company's mail servers to the servers they control, carry out a man-in-the-middle attack and intercept the credentials. The above attacks are short-lived (lasting from several hours to several days) and invisible (most companies do not check the DNS settings for changes). According to FireEye, the group acts in the interests of the Iranian government. In order to get to the victim, Sea Turtle does not stop hacking into the provider's network entirely. As reportedin the first Cisco Talos report, the group hacked into the Swedish organization NetNod, which manages the traffic exchange point. The attack allowed attackers to manipulate the DNS records for sa1 [.] Dnsnode [.] Net and gain access to the credentials of the top-level domain administrator of Saudi Arabia (.sa) In a new report, Cisco Talos reports a similar attack on the Greek organization ICS-Forth. At the moment, researchers find it difficult to say what the attackers did in the ICS-Forth networks after hacking. It is also unknown for which domains the attackers changed the DNS settings. After the organization notified the public about the hacking, Sea Turtle remained in its networks for another five days. Source: https://www.securitylab.ru/news/499907.php
  8. Caut un programator C/C++ cu cunostinte in platformele ios/android . pentru un proiect privat . platesc pana la $50.000 si $5.000 pentru fiecare update. sau posibilitate de parteneriat garantez $10.000 pe saptamana. pentru mai multe detalii . pm .
  9. Incearca cu " locate name.txt " sau ce fisier ai creat si vezi exact unde s-a salvat fisierul , sau pur si simplu , poate nu esti in Desktop . incearca sa scrii , " cd Desktop " prima data si dupa sa folosesti functia ls . uite aici niste informatii care probabil te-ar putea ajuta . https://maker.pro/linux/tutorial/basic-linux-commands-for-beginners
  10. De fapt Teleorman este mica Elvetie =)))) spun mica elvetie deoarece i-a cam luat pe vitejii de acolo si i-a trimis la kentucky :))) , eu ma refeream strict la putere , tind sa cred ca este o miscare politica foarte interesanta , avand in vedere ca prima data organizeaza un vot fals , daca erau asa de tari in pzd organizau votul pe bune fara sa ofere bani , ca vb aia , daca tot e legal devine ilegal daca cineva incearca sa manipuleze voturile :)))
  11. "Oricine reușește să manipuleze voturile nedetectabil va câștiga jackpot-ul," Cred si eu.. Asta e ceva gen , "Haide bosule incoace sa ii ardem pe astia de vor sa candideze "
  12. Uite aici bosulica , fa-ti un script pune-l pe root si da-i bataie nenorocitului ! Arata-i cine e "SEFUL" cu adevarat !
  13. Am citit prost. Sau https://sibsoft.net/xfilesharing.html?2105 Sursa: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-build-a-file-hosting-website
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