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  1. te rsti u sa-l batzi p unu cu o bata de aluminiu ? nu cred ...
  2. MaHaReT

    Fun stuff

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZGKLRxCfzSA - ce se ntampla in armataromaneasca pisu de pe lume !
  3. pe mine mai uitat encode ?
  4. bine mah am citit , am auzit , ma vazut , acu sa ma dau cu parerea ca totyzi daici : Daca a reusits aieie ceva informatii , nu cred ca sa gandit rps sa le arda piun cd si sa le ingroape [ daca vine un cutremur , darama blocu , si nu mai agseste cd-u ? ] eu cred ca nu a luat nic de acolo ! dupaia , daca lor dus in state , si ia dat 50 de ni , ala ii ori la nasa pe udneva , ori pe la cia [dar daca zicetzi voi cai lammer .... nu-s nu-l ucn si nu vb] in rets , toate bune sia vetzi draq grija nare rost sa va datzi la nasa , ca tot kkatzi raman
  5. poi daca ai zis ca nui nik de capu lui ,de ce mai intreci si ce face ? e tare frate
  6. mah tu etsi nebun ? cum sanu mearga ? acuma lam pus io , uite print [ora 12:19 acuma]
  7. de la 2.0.6 pana pe la 2.0.18 sau 2 nu-s http://rapidshare.ro/download.php?id=ky1iIr364r86texcvQm7 exploit+vidio tut credit- sincer nu-s da nui facut de mine care-si recunoaste opera[ca nu s-o semnat]
  8. cetzi tre id mah ? discuta aici sa vada toata lumea ! sa vada toata lumnea :|:|
  9. la-m postat ca no .... ce saritzi cu gura ? si orice clip/filmuletz vazut cu IE se salveaza pe undeva prin c: .... datzi tre un player special plm nu mai stiu cum ii zice
  10. Super Utilities - Make your computer run faster, safer, with greater privacy and security. With only a few minutes of tweaking, Super Utilities will optimize the performance of your computer, corrects problems and helps you to customize your system to suit your needs. Super Utilities (for Windows9x/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003) is a collection of tools to fix, speed up, and maintain your PC! These utilities include Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Uninstall Plus, StartUp Manager, Folder Guard, Tracks Washer, Driver Backup, Auto Shutdown, Windows Manager and Process Manager. With a cool and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use Super Utilities. Download : http://rapidshare.de/files/37122750/iNFLUENCE-supro646.rar
  11. Easily and instantly translate web pages with just click Size: 1.3 Mb Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/5028909/WebTranslator.rar password: theynd.com
  12. IP Hider masks the real IP of a user, allowing him to browse all kind of pages without ever worrying that the ISPs or any other marketing tool is monitoring your surfing habits or spammers are attacking your computer. The simplest way to do this is to have traffic redirected through anonymous proxies. A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing. The data you request come to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you. As a result, the websites see the IP address of the proxy server instead of your own IP address. This tool has a comprehensive proxy list, containing proxies from various countries so that you can choose one from a specific one. IP Hider Features IP Hider masks the real IP of a user, allowing him to browse all kind of pages without ever worrying that the ISPs or any other marketing tool is monitoring your surfing habits or spammers are attacking your computer. The simplest way to do this is to have traffic redirected through anonymous proxies. A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing. The data you request come to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you. As a result, the websites see the IP address of the proxy server instead of your own IP address. This tool has a comprehensive proxy list, containing proxies from various countries so that you can choose one from a specific one. The solution uses anonymous proxies routing all your Internet traffic through them. You can: # browse anonymously, check mails, participate in newsgroups using proxies form different countries at your choice, having the identity well hidden, # interact with websites anonymously: using proxies that allow you to post messages, game, cast votes, post on forum, use IP – based trials IP Hider provides a good online privacy protection by cleaning all online traces that may harm or use inadvertently information on your computer: # Clear Internet History # Clear Typed URL # Clear Temporary Internet Files # Clear Cookies # Clear Auto Complete Forms History # Clear Auto complete Password History # Clear Internet Favorites IP Hider also protects computer from the action of invasive codes: # Blocks ActiveX - ActiveX controls add interest to sites through multimedia but the controls can also harbor malicious code such as viruses. Most sites will function properly with ActiveX controls disabled. # Blocks JavaScript - This code may be used in harmful way such as to information on your computer. http://rapidshare.com/files/5142335/IPhiderpro__crack__CaRpE_dIeM.rar password: theynd.com
  13. Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats. The Spyware Doctor remover tool allows you to remove, ignore or quarantine identified Spyware for free in the trial version. It also has an OnGuard system to immunize and protect your system against hundreds of privacy threats as you work. By performing a fast detection at Windows start-up you will be alerted with a list of the potential threats identified. http://rapidshare.com/files/971905/Spwrotr.zip
  14. vBulletin is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for your web site. It has been written using the Web's quickest-growing scripting language; PHP, and is complemented with a highly efficient and ultra fast back-end database engine built using MySQL. vBulletin is the ideal community solution for all medium-to-large sites. DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/5275704/4.6.3.Bv.rar
  15. http://rapidshare.com/files/2173853/uu-be.rar
  16. http://rapidshare.com/files/2838027/v9.50.zip
  17. daca ai muscato ... esti tare ) ce prost pune botu la asa ceva ? auzi [mail]pass32boot@yahoo.com[/mail] )
  18. CA Anti-Spam is the effective and easy-to-use spam filter that makes sure you get messages from people you know, while redirecting messages from people you don't. There are no complicated rules or filters to create or manage: CA Anti-Spam does it for you. And it works seamlessly with M'zoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Key Features New! Import/Export Approved Senders allows you to easily migrate your list of approved senders from one PC to another. Blocks Unwanted Spam by allowing only messages from your approved senders list to reach your Inbox - all other mail is quarantined for you to review later. Continuous Protection to keep your computer protected from the latest internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the then current renewal price (plus applicable tax), so you don't have to. Prevents Phishing Attacks and Email Fraud by automatically verifying the authenticity of messages, and displaying a clear visual warning on suspicious emails. Protects Multiple Email Accounts for all of your M'zoft Exchange and any POP3 mail accounts you have configured in Outlook. Integrates Seamlessly with M'zoft Outlook/Exchange with easy access to all features directly from the toolbar in Outlook and Outlook Express. Works Simply and Easily no complicated content filters to set up or manage. Email Search creates a search index of all information stored in Outlook, so you can quickly and easily find messages, attachments, contacts, appointments, journal entries and notes. For English-language Outlook and Outlook Express only. Spam Score helps determine which messages are most likely to be spam, resulting in less time reviewing quarantined mail, and less likelihood of missing a good email. Supports Bonded Sender allows mail from legitimate senders of commercial email (such as order confirmations from Amazon.com) to be delivered to your Inbox. International Language Support automatically displays German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean based on your Windows language settings, and properly filters spam sent in any language. Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/5178828/CAASP.rar.html pass : http://www.tpforum.net
  19. Features: - The 1-Click Maintenance cleans your computer right from your desktop with only one click - Solves up to 400% more problems in the registry - Now also defragments the registry of Windows 2000/XP - Allows you to customize the look of all windows under Windows XP - Allows you to customize your system to your needs - Frees your computer of speed and hard disk space hogs - Optimizes the performance of your PC - Accelerates your internet connection - Frees up system memory - Gives you advice about your hardware and software - Recovers accidentally deleted files Changes in TuneUp Utilities 2006: - user surface: Better co-ordinated and retreaded optics - user surface: Optimized operation and navigation of the modules - 1-Click Maintenance: Detailed announcement and selection of the problems which can be repaired - doing UP RegistryCleaner: Extended Scantechnologie for seeking out still more problems - doing UP DiskCleaner: Supports the Cache of Mozilla Firefox - doing UP system Optimizer: Optimization of the connecting attitudes for W-LAN - doing UP system Optimizer: Browseroptimierung of Mozilla Firefox - doing UP system control: Offers technical and optical attitude possibilities for Mozilla Firefox - doing UP StartUp manager: Indicates descriptions and evaluations of the programs - doing UP Process manager: Indicates still more detailed information - doing UP Styler 2: Boat screens can be installed - doing UP Styler 2: Own boat screen can be provided - doing UP Styler 2: Extended import function (support of star dock IconPackager Themes, star dock BootSkins and star dock LogonXP)… Changes in this version: - Windows XP x64 Support - Support for new hardware devices - Even more thorough 1-Click Maintenance - Improved error handling with TuneUp RegistryCleaner - Improved program recognition with TuneUp StartUp Manager Download LINK http://rapidshare.com/files/734110/TUU_06_5.3.2343_up_by_snow.rar
  20. Yahoo Autoreply (for Yahoo v.7.x.x.x ) is a utility that enables users to set up auto response messages when they are away from their computers. Yahoo Autoresponse , when active, would detect incoming messages and would reply with the Autoresponse message set by the user. This Utility works only with Yahoo v.7.x.x. App+Sn: http://rapidshare.com/files/5115774/Yahoo.Autoreply.v3.0.Regged.EXPLOSiON.rar.html
  21. Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0.964.6926 (582) Final Being online is fraught with dangers: Internet worms, spyware agents, Trojan horses, hijackers and more can wreak havoc, causing anything from slow performance to system crashes to full-blown identity theft. And to provide you with the kind of protection you need in these days of cyberthieves and online extortionists, your firewall must be able to monitor all inbound and outbound traffic and protect you from any unauthorized intrusion by rendering your PC invisible to anything that you haven’t authorized to see it. Outpost Firewall PRO Benefits - NEW! Protection from spyware and identity theft New anti-spyware capabilities built into the program protect your computer against the rapidly increasing threats from spyware and ID theft. Spyware cannot enter, activate on, or transmit information out of computers protected by Outpost 3.0. The ID Block feature lets you determine which specific items of personal information, for example bank account numbers, are blocked from ever leaving the computer. - Know what's happening on your PC at all times Outpost’s Network Activity Monitor watches every connection between your computer and the Internet, alerting you immediately to any communications that may be unauthorized so you can take appropriate action. - Automatic, intelligent protection against hacker attacks Outpost’s Attack Detection automatically blocks network probes, zombie attacks, and other remote attempts to access your PC, using its continually-updated intrusion definitions database. - Control how applications communicate Outpost’s Component Control, Hidden Process Control, and Open Memory Control let you decide what applications and processes on your PC are allowed to do and what - if any- outbound connections they may make. Spyware can’t phone home from an Outpost-protected PC. Download http://www.agnitum.com/download/OutpostProInstall.exe Crack/Serial Or Password http://soft-best.net/aspirin/a2e2cda5a321ed914bbafd8c97f91dfd/2178/Outpost%20Firewall%20Pro%204.0.964.6926%20(582)%20Final.zip
  22. PC Auto Shutdown is a handy software that help you automatically shutdown, power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend or log off computers at schedule time you specifies. It gives you different ways to schedule the shutdown event for your needs, such as daily... Download : http://gold4rum.net/download.php?id=b2de3134416144df8071abbd0ebac7cc
  23. AMUST Registry Cleaner introduces a new approach to Windows registry maintenance that combines the latest technology and deep knowledge of the system registry to reach an unparalleled level of system performance and problem resolution, while being absolutely safe to use. AMUST Registry Cleaner rapidly scans your registry for any problems and safely gets rid of them in minutes, keeping your registry clean. AMUST Registry Cleaner's will: * Scan the Windows registry (32-bit and 64-bit) * Clean and fix all registry errors * Improve registry performance and consistency * Make a backup of the Windows registry AMUST Registry Cleaner engine is built on SmartScan™ technology that provides for analysis of every vital part of the registry to find problems and bottlenecks that interrupt normal system operation. SmartScan™ is based on a sophisticated algorithm that provides for error prone problem detection and resolution, making it an ideal instrument for registry repairs. AMUST Registry Cleaner features: * Full support for Windows 64-bit edition * Detection and removal of non-removable, aka Embedded-null registry keys * SmartScan™ and IntelliCompact™ * Registry Backup and Undo history * Scheduled Tasks - "Set & Forget" * Email Notifications * Online errors database * Intuitive Interface Download : http://rapidshare.com/files/5102575/A.R.C.3.5.rar.html
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