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  1. OKQL


    Acab ce inseamna? "All Cops Are Bastards"
  2. OKQL


    Ai sa ."ami bag pula," uitat sa precizezi omului de kali, rusine sa iti fie La examen am scris "'domne ajuta"' in antet :))) profa: 'ajuta-te singur' On: ai cursuri de programare cat Dunarea Edit: cauta in sectiunea tutoriale, cuvinte cheie, 'carti, cursuri' etc, nu-ti cauta mentor
  3. :))) sa vezi pokemoni sinucigasi acum, Are proces Mark cu politica de confideliantitate
  4. Si la mine, nu stiu ce cacat de eroare imi dadeau sa citesc, oricum decand s-a intors hi5-ul se duce... + ca au proces cu ToS-urile
  5. Spor: https://docs.intersystems.com/latest/csp/documatic/%CSP.Documatic.cls?APP=1&LIBRARY=%SYS&CLASSNAME=%Library.DataType.
  6. Fractii, integrale, variabile, vectori bla bla bla, du-te la simulare, stii la ce sa te astepti cand intrii in examen, nu te prezinti ca un plob, Ps: nu se pune . Inainte de paranteza la a, b si c
  7. Sunt bune man, exercitiile, eu am avut pedagog, am intrat cu 7,14 si am iesit cu 9,55
  8. Incearca cu grep in linux, sau, selectezi coloana, vezi aici cum se face in winsloboz https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11003761/notepad-add-to-every-line
  9. Scanner for Simple Indicators of Compromise Detection is based on four detection methods: File Name IOC Regex match on full file path/name Yara Rule Check Yara signature match on file data and process memory Hash check Compares known malicious hashes (MD5, SHA1, SHA256) with scanned files C2 Back Connect Check Compares process connection endpoints with C2 IOCs (new since version v.10) Additional Checks: Regin filesystem check (via --reginfs) Process anomaly check (based on Sysforensics) SWF decompressed scan (new since version v0.8) SAM dump check DoublePulsar check - tries to detect DoublePulsar backdoor on port 445/tcp and 3389/tcp PE-Sieve process check The Windows binary is compiled with PyInstaller 2.1 and should run as x86 application on both x86 and x64 based systems. Download Download the latest version of LOKI from the releases section. Source: https://github.com/Neo23x0/Loki/blob/master/README.md
  10. Poti testa pe pingsms +447383453599 Joaca-te Pinger.com slesh text free si ai nr dedicat, fludeaza si fa experimente cate vrei
  11. This evening at a press event to kickoff MWC Barcelona, I had the pleasure of joining CEO Satya Nadella and Technical Fellow Alex Kipman onstage to talk in depth about Microsoft’s worldview for the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. As part of today’s press event, we also introduced the world to HoloLens 2. Articol complet: https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2019/02/24/microsoft-at-mwc-barcelona-introducing-microsoft-hololens-2/
  12. "Tovarase", stie tota lumea ca pe acolo se invart carderi, asasini, etc, stai in banca a ta, si apuca-te de munca
  13. Triplu post in pula mea de prost ce esti, incepi sa dai dislike-uri aiurea
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