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Found 8 results

  1. Cele mai utile comenzi de rulare din Windows 7 și 10. Aceste comenzi permit să accesați rapid caracteristici și aplicații pentru a particulariza mediul sistemului de operare. Quick Access To C: drive \ Open the current user’s home folder . Open up the Users folder .. Open Documents Folder documents Open Videos folder videos
  2. Last year at Google I/O developer event, Google launched a limited beta "App Runtime for Chrome" (ARC) project, which now expanded to run millions of Android apps within Chrome browser. Google has released a new developer tool called App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) Welder that allows Android apps to run on Chrome for Linux, Windows, and OS X systems. App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) was an early experiment specifically designed for app developers, but now anyone can download it. Google Chrome's ARC Welder app can now run any of your favorite Android apps like WhatsApp, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, all f
  3. 1. Download the LINK DELETE! 2. Install Havij 1.17 Pro.exe 3. Then drag and drop loader.exe into the folder 4. Finally, use loader.exe to run Havij https://www.virustotal.com/ro/file/d99cf5e296e724089cf7e936d5561d45088ccd58b026b02835ea3727fbbb8c60/analysis/1435322891/ This is an SQLi tool which of course will contain false positives, so I can assure you that this program does not carry any sort of virus or malware. Though if you still feel unsafe, you may download and install Sandboxie and run the download through that.
  4. Hi, I went to cd c:\program files\iis express and run iisexpress.exe /path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ASP.NETWebAdminFiles /vpath:"/asp.netwebadminfiles" /port:12345 /clr: 4.0 /ntlm but nothing show up. No error. Nothing. It just return me back the new cmd command line. I stop my firewall but still the same. But when I run just iisexpress.exe, it shows Successfully registered URL "http://localhost:8080/" for site "WebSite1" applica tion "/" Registration completed for site "WebSite1" Anyone knows the possible reasons? I host my site at asphostportal.com, should I contact the
  5. http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/TMYITk1F/file.html https://hostr.co/rEUH6ITBnbhc http://data.hu/get/8751233/FREE_VPN_SUPERHIT.rar http://www.solidfiles.com/d/2d934c91b6/FREE_VPN_SUPERHIT!.rar http://uloz.to/xKHaF1Ub/free-vpn-superhit-rar PASS: LOGMAXER no need to install only run and you're perfectly camouflaged COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL!
  6. Aerosol


    A modular incident response framework in Powershell. Note there's a bug that's currently cropping up in PowerShell version 2 systems, but version 3 and later should be fine. More info: trustedsignal -- blog: Kansa PowerShell Magazine » Kansa: A PowerShell-based incident response framework What does it do? It uses Powershell Remoting to run user contributed, ahem, user contri- buted modules across hosts in an enterprise to collect data for use during incident response, breach hunts, or for building an environmental baseline. How do you use it? Here's a very simple command line example you can r
  7. Microsoft has blacklisted a phony SSL certificate that’s been making the rounds and is in the process of warning the general public that the certificate could be leveraged to stage man-in-the-middle attacks. In a security advisory published yesterday the company stressed that an improper certificate for the domain “live.fi” could also be used to spoof content or carry out phishing attacks, but stopped short saying it could issue other certificates, impersonate other domains, or sign code. The certificate, which corresponds to one of the company’s Live entities, was revoked by its issuer, certi
  8. rukov


    Overview TitanHide is a driver intended to hide debuggers from certain processes. The driver hooks various Nt* kernel functions (using SSDT table hooks) and modifies the return values of the original functions. To hide a process, you must pass a simple structure with a ProcessID and the hiding option(s) to enable, to the driver. The internal API is designed to add hooks with little effort, which means adding features is really easy. Features ProcessDebugFlags (NtQueryInformationProcess) ProcessDebugPort (NtQueryInformationProcess) ProcessDebugObjectHandle (NtQueryInformationProcess
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