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Found 4 results

  1. Acum totul e corect politic @MrGrj Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms Python creator Guido van Rossum retired as "benevolent dictator for life" in July, but like Michael Corleone in The Godfather III, he's been pulled back in to resolve a debate about politically incorrect language. Like other open source communities, Python's minders have been asked whether they really want to continue using … Sursa: https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/6/2018/09/11/python_purges_master_and_slave_in_political_pogrom/#c_3610915 A quiet debate has developed for years in the coding community, forcing programmers to ask whether the terms "master" and "slave" are not insensitive. Now Python, one of the world's most popular programming languages, has abandoned the terminology – and not everyone is happy with it. Master / Slave is generally used in hardware, architecture and coding to refer to a device, database or process that controls another. For more than a decade, there has been some concern that the terms are offensive because of their relationship to the institution of slavery. Last week, a developer named Victo Stinner published four pull requests asking the Python community to consider changing the terms Master / Slave with something like Parent / Worker. "For reasons of diversity, it would be nice to try to avoid the" master "and" slave "terminology that can be associated with slavery," he wrote to explain his thinking. This is the internet, so people have opinions. Some people did not agree with the proposal in measured terms and simply did not think it was necessary. Others have launched on anti-diversity screeds and are predictably talking about censorship and mental control. "Seeing all the PC / SJW absurdities around me, I'm afraid this may be the beginning of Python becoming PCython," wrote a developer. Another commentator decided to take things literally, saying: "As far as I can [ sic ] I say that there is not a single instance where documents use" master "as a reference to human slavery or where use could be seen implicating an endorsement of that notion. " Someone else claimed that the terms are indeed positive in the BDSM community. "You want to support diversity, so why are you discriminating against that subculture?" They asked. And, of course, Reddit turned into a cesspool while the users watched it all go down. It was all enough to involve Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python. Van Rossum officially retired in July, leaving the community to defend itself when it comes to governance, but the quarrels have pulled it back to lay the law. "I'm closing this now," he wrote. His final decision was to accept three of Stinner's four requests. In his view, "the fourth should not be united because it reflects the underlying terminology of UNIX ptys". So you decide that Python 3.8 will change the term "slave" to "worker" or "helper" and "master process" to "parent process". Python was named the most popular programming language in the IEEE Spectrum world in the past year, so this change is great for the programming community. Following is the guide by Drupal and Django. If you think this is just another symptom of a desire out of control of being politically correct or not, it's just a fact that languages change over time. Programmers should know it better than anyone else. Sursa: https://aus.remonews.com/python-programming-language-ditches-master-slave-terms-pissing-off-some/ Fi-r-ar! Cum traducea Irina Margareta Nistor tot: "la naiba!"
  2. Nytro

    Card PIN. Wtf?

    Aveti grija.
  3. andrei98M


    Viata mea nu mai e asa porno de cand nu mai exista chat.Nu mai stiu cand Gecko mananca pizza , oare de ce?Nu pot stii cand cmed iese in oras cu fetite de 12 ani....Nu stiu cand aerosol e high .....pff...acum nu stiu cand wtf va avea motocicleta?!De ceeee Acum serios , va rog deschideti chatul ala
  4. GirlShare - Download spn.rar parola : afine cu lapte
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