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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Another great resource for pentesting and programming is edX. They have some free and paid courses. Worth taking a look, Software Development Fundamentals: https://www.edx.org/course/software-development-fundamentals-pennx-sd1x Intro to Computing using Python: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-computing-using-python-gtx-cs1301x Data Science Orientation: https://www.edx.org/course/data-science-orientation-microsoft-dat101x-2 How VR Works: https://www.edx.org/course/how-virtual-reality-vr-works-uc-san-diegox-cse16
  2. Acum totul e corect politic @MrGrj Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms Python creator Guido van Rossum retired as "benevolent dictator for life" in July, but like Michael Corleone in The Godfather III, he's been pulled back in to resolve a debate about politically incorrect language. Like other open source communities, Python's minders have been asked whether they really want to continue using … Sursa: https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/6/2018/09/11/python_purges_master_and_slave_in_political_pogrom/#c_3610915 A quiet debate has dev
  3. Degeaba banati conturi. Inca astept mesaje de la oamenii interesati. Pentru cei ce nu stiu , suntem o echipa si avem nevoie de cunostiintele tale in hacking la un nou nivel.
  4. http://www.oreilly.com/programming/free/
  5. Nu m-am putut ab?ine s? nu m? abonez la ei ?i m-am gândit s? împ?rt??esc cu voi lec?iile a?a zisor "Gagici care te înva?? programare" . 1.INTERNET INTRO 2.HTML 3.CSS 4.Programming 5.PHP 6.SEO
  6. Avem urmatoarea bucata de cod scris in C: main(_){_^448&&main(-~_);putchar(--_%64?32|-~7[__TIME__-_/8%8][">'txiZ^(~z?"-48]>>";;;====~$::199"[_*2&8|_/64]/(_&2?1:8)%8&1:10);} Programul poate fi compilat exact asa cum este (testat cu gcc (GCC) 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-4)), outputul fiind: [mrgrj@localhost tmp]# vim challangeRST.c [mrgrj@localhost tmp]# gcc challangeRST.c -o challangeRST [mrgrj@localhost tmp]# ./challangeRST !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !! !!!!!! !! !! !! !! !! !!
  7. Bun, vad tot mai des aceasta intrebare pe forumuri (nu doar RST). Mai nou, primesc mesaje de genul: - Cum ai invatat sa programezi ? - Cat a durat ? M-am gandit sa raspund tuturor, si cu aceasta ocazie poate iese un tutorial din care fiecare va avea cate ceva de invatat. (PS: astea sunt intrebarile gresite puse de oricine sperand ca daca li se da un raspuns de genul: "am invatat singur si mi-a luat 3 luni" , atunci automat si ei vor putea face acelasi lucru. Acestia din urma nu iau in calcul urmatoarele: poate cel pe care l-au intrebat a avut un background so
  8. Cum de pana acuma nu a aparut nicio sectiune sau vreun sub-forum dedicat sectorului de Android / IOS Development and Programming ? @quadxenon Done
  9. https://cellhack.net/login/ So what exactly is CellHack? Put simply, you are the master of a colony of cells. Your colony will be placed in an arena with three other colonies, and all will compete to create the largest population. This is achieved by writing a function that will be executed by each of your cells every turn. The cells are not very complex: they have simple memories, and can look around, move, split, and attack their neighbors. From these building blocks, you must design an algorithm that will lead your colony to victory by any means necessary. Think of it as a cross between the
  10. Now that machine-learning algorithms are moving into mainstream computing, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is preparing a way to make it easier to use the technique in everyday programming. In June, MIT researchers will present a new programming language, called Picture, that could radically reduce the amount of coding needed to help computers recognize objects in images and video. It is a prototype of how a relatively novel form of programming, called probabilistic programming, could reduce the amount of code needed for such complex tasks. In one test of the new language, the resear
  11. Programming Languages - Hyperpolyglot Poate ajuta multi invidizi de p'aici care fac N thread-uri: "cu ce sa incep, teach me ,etc"
  12. FBP a fost din nou readus la popularitate (2013) cu un proiect pe Kickstarter numit NoFlo care a facut 'programarea visuala' aproape o realitate. Mai multe despre NoFlo: NoFlo | Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript In computer programming, flow-based programming (FBP) is a programming paradigm that defines applications as networks of "black box" processes, which exchange data across predefined connections by message passing, where the connections are specified externally to the processes. These black box processes can be reconnected endlessly to form different applications without having to
  13. Arata bine, incepe astazi. Hello everyone! Felicity, the annual festival of IIIT Hyderabad, brings to you Felicity Threads 2014, the tenth annual edition of the celebration of spirit of computing and engineering. We bring to you a wide range of online contests in various fields of programming and mathematics. Our series of online events includes contests on algorithmic programming (Codecraft), parallel programming (Kernel Cruise), combinatorial search and game playing bot design (Strange Loop), and an unconventional programming challenge (Time Limit Exceeded). Our second event, after Gordian
  14. Link for non-registered users: http://goo.gl/l80Ibl For you who are eager to learn Python I will try to make a complete list of learning resources for this language. This list can and will include: Books, Videos, Tutorials and Websites which will help you learn python from beginner to advance to expert. Whenever you encounter a problem or get stuck with any of the material below I recomend you visit Our Documentation | Python.org E-Books in English: Programming Python, 4th Edition - Powerful Object-Oriented Programming, 4th Edition (2010).pdf 30.6 MB [
  15. sharkyz

    C++ E-Books

    C++ E-Books 1.Intermediate C++ Programming 2.Computers - Programming C++ - Reverse Engineering 3.Programming - Teach Yourself Visual C++ in 21 Days 4.Linux C++ Programming - How To 5.Addison Wesley - C++ by Dissection 6.An Introduction to Programming with C++ 7.Beginning Programming with C++ For Dummies 8.C++ Without Fear 9.Sams Teach You C++ in 24 Hours 10.Sybex C++ - No Experience Required 11.Thinking in C++ - Volume 1-2nd Edition Bruce Eckel 12.Thinking in C++ - Volume 2-2nd Edition Bruce Eckel 13.UnderstandingCppAnAccelerated Introduction To Be Continued... Download Link: http://www.mediaf
  16. Steven Skiena - Programming Contests, Algorithms, and the Real World
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