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Found 41 results

  1. Venom psh-cmd-exe persistence payload Tutorial-By Spirit Hello guys I am Spirited wolf as you all know and today i'm here to demonstrate a tutorial on Persistence using Metasploit-Framework. So, for this we will use the Venom-The Shellcode Generator for this ================================ Tutorial Link:: Venom Tutorial link ================================== So, Venom is a toolkit designed by my friend and it's really very awesome toolkit You can download it from here:: https://sourceforge.net/projects/crisp-shellcode-generator/ (Point to remember :: The Version that i am using is currently in Developer Stage you can't download it) ====================================================== This Tutorial is for educational purpose only , I'll not be responsible for any Harm. ====================================================== Please Subscribe My Channel If you like it:: www.youtube.com/c/Pentestingwithspirit Please Like My Facebook Page:: www.facebook.com/Pentestingwithspirit Follow me on Twitter:: @spirit3113
  2. TepesVladimir2


    Degeaba banati conturi. Inca astept mesaje de la oamenii interesati. Pentru cei ce nu stiu , suntem o echipa si avem nevoie de cunostiintele tale in hacking la un nou nivel.
  3. Salut, Are cineva idee cum sa hack usb Chromecast? Or playstation3? Pentru scopuri educationale... Folosind kali Linux si python script... Hack Chromecast usb and upload o image/ce vrei pe tv, asta e in esenta. O zi buna...
  4. https://comp.st/o3iG thank me later
  5. Washington (CNN): Two Romanian hackers infiltrated nearly two-thirds of the outdoor surveillance cameras in Washington, DC, as part of an extortion scheme, according to federal court documents. In a criminal complaint filed last week in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, the US government alleges that the two Romanian hackers operating outside the United States infiltrated 65% of the outdoor surveillance cameras operated by DC city police — that's 123 cameras out of 187 in the city. The alleged hacking occurred during a four-day period in early January. The hacking suspects, Mihai Alexandru Isvanca and Eveline Cismaru, are also accused of using the computers behind the surveillance cameras to distribute ransomware through spam emails, according to an affidavit by Secret Service agent James Graham in support of the government's criminal complaint. The affidavit alleges the hackers meant to use the malware to lock victims' computers and then extort payments from them to regain access. In the affidavit, the Romanians are accused of "intent to extort from persons money and other things of value, to transmit in interstate and foreign commerce communications containing threats to cause damage to protected computers." They were traced through their registered email addresses, one of which roughly translates into "selling souls" in Romanian, according to the affidavit. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/20/politics/romanian-hackers-dc-cameras/index.html
  6. Hi all, while surfing various IRC Channels, i have come across a list of very useful links, courses to get into hacking URL: https://ghostbin.com/paste/j858d There are courses for computer basics, hacking, programming and many more Good luck in your long journey of learning!
  7. shark0der

    Studiu PSY - HACKING

    Salut, Un amic de-al meu, Alexandru B, fiind student la master in cadrul Facultatii de Psihologie, si-a ales tema de disertatie Criminologie Informatică: Particularitatile tulburarilor de personalitate ale hackerilor sub conditiile agresivitatii si stimei de sine si identificarea hackerilor "de mâine". Lucrarea presupune efectuarea unui studiu asupra catorva grupuri de persoane: non-hackers, white hat hackers, grey hat hackers si black hat hackers cu scopul de a sublinia aspecte psihologice ale hackerilor, in ideea in care in Romania nu a mai fost efectuat vreun studiu similar. Ma adresez tuturor care sunt interesati sa participe la acest studiu, sa completeze chestionarul de mai jos. Pot sa va asigur de urmatoarele aspecte: - Completarea chestionarului este anonima: nu se colecteaza date personale sau date care ar putea ajuta la identificarea participantilor la studiu - Chestionarul este construit folosind Google Forms care NU ofera informatii despre respondent precum email/cont Google/IP/tara/etc, si puteti chiar folosi Tor/VPN/proxy/etc alaturi de un throw-away account daca simtiti nevoia. Ca si multumire, in afara de faptul ca lucrarea va fi publicata, Alexandru va oferi si cateva materiale (carti, articole) pe domeniu. Rog seriozitate si pe cat posibil mai putin spam Link formular: https://goo.gl/forms/DhA7ElPVo1dYql5k2 Multumesc, shark0der
  8. ionutbu

    Practice Website Hacking

    Hi all, there is a website that I found where you can practice your website hacking skills. There are 50 vulnerabilities to be found, this website goes along with the courses from my previous course where I provide a URL with a plethora of courses The URL of this website: http://hackyourselffirst.troyhunt.com/ Good luck.
  9. Ma ajuta si pe mine cineva sa imi dea niste cursuri despre java..html si toate celelalte chestii explicate pentru cei care habar nu au de asa ceva. Mersi mult..
  10. Alejandro_93

    Hackeri - Lucrare de dizertație

    Salutare tuturor! Sunt la Facultatea de Psihologie la Master, iar lucrarea mea implică să dau un chestionar de personalitate celor care știu să facă hacking de orice tip sau hacktivism. Totul este confidențial....iar rezultatele finale vi le pot da. Vreau să întreb dacă ați completa un chestionar în google forms de acest tip ca să vă atașez linkul? http://researchcentral.ro/index.php?action=listateste&ID=96 Aștept păreri!
  11. The hacker says this demonstrates that when organizations make hacking tools, those techniques will eventually find their way to the public. In January, Motherboard reported that a hacker had stolen 900GB of data from mobile phone forensics company Cellebrite. The data suggested that Cellebrite had sold its phone cracking technology to oppressive regimes such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia. Now the hacker responsible has publicly released a cache of files allegedly stolen from Cellebrite relating to Android and BlackBerry devices, and older iPhones, some of which may have been copied from publicly available phone cracking tools. "The debate around backdoors is not going to go away, rather, its is almost certainly going to get more intense as we lurch toward a more authoritarian society," the hacker told Motherboard in an online chat. "It's important to demonstrate that when you create these tools, they will make it out. History should make that clear," they continued. Cellebrite is an Israeli firm which specializes in extracting data from mobile phones for law enforcement agencies. The company's flagship product, the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED), typically comes as a small, laptop-sized device, and can pull SMS messages, emails, and more from thousands of different mobile phone models. The investigator needs to have physical access to the phone to analyze it. A Motherboard investigation found that US state police and highway patrol agencies have collectively spent millions of dollars on Cellebrite technology. The hacker claimed to have taken the newly released data from a remote Cellebrite server, and said they had extracted them from UFED images. They told Motherboard that the files were encrypted, likely in an attempt to protect Cellebrite's intellectual property, but that they managed to bypass the protections. The hacker's ASCII art, which reads "backdoorz." "The ripped, decrypted and fully functioning Python script set to utilize the exploits is also included within," the hacker wrote in a README file accompanying the data dump. The hacker posted links to the data on Pastebin. It's not clear when any of this code was used in the UFED. Many of the directory names start with "ufed" followed by a different type of phone, such as BlackBerry or Samsung. In their README, the hacker notes much of the iOS-related code is very similar to that used in the jailbreaking scene—a community of iPhone hackers that typically breaks into iOS devices and release its code publicly for free. Jonathan Zdziarski, a forensic scientist, agreed that some of the iOS files were nearly identical to tools created and used by the jailbreaking community, including patched versions of Apple's firmware designed to break security mechanisms on older iPhones. A number of the configuration files also reference "limera1n," the name of a piece of jailbreaking software created by infamous iPhone hacker Geohot. He said he wouldn't call the released files "exploits" however. Zdziarski also said that other parts of the code were similar to a jailbreaking project called QuickPwn, but that the code had seemingly been adapted for forensic purposes. For example, some of the code in the dump was designed to brute force PIN numbers, which may be unusual for a normal jailbreaking piece of software. "If, and it's a big if, they used this in UFED or other products, it would indicate they ripped off software verbatim from the jailbreak community and used forensically unsound and experimental software in their supposedly scientific and forensically validated products," Zdziarski continued. A spokesperson for Cellebrite told Motherboard in an email: "The files referenced here are part of the distribution package of our application and are available to our customers. They do not include any source code." He added that the company monitors new research from academia and the information security community, including "newly published forensic methods, research tools and publicly documented issues, including "jailbreaks," which enable platform research." Cellebrite develops methods for gaining access to phones that do not change or alter data on the device, the spokesperson continued. He wrote that Cellebrite's technology is used to combat child trafficking and exploitation, sexual assault, murder, and drug and gang crime. In its statement released in response to the initial data breach, Cellebrite only mentioned that "basic contact information" of its customers had been stolen. But as Motherboard reported at the time, the cache of data included much more. In early 2016, the Department of Justice and Apple entered a fierce legal battle, in which the department tried to legally compel Apple to build a custom operating system that would allow investigators to bypass security protections on an iPhone. A concern at the time was that, if such an operating system was created, it could leak and become public. Although these dumped tools may not be the most sensitive—Cellebrite keeps its techniques for cracking more recent iPhones inhouse—they do demonstrate that those worries were justified. Researchers will likely now dig through the content for any interesting attacks or findings. "@FBI Be careful in what you wish for," the hacker's message reads, before signing off with a piece of ASCII art, which says "Backdoorz." https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/hacker-dumps-ios-cracking-tools-allegedly-stolen-from-cellebrite
  12. Andrei

    DefCamp 2016

    Thread-ul principal cu anunturi & noutati despre DefCamp 2016! Primul anunt e in urmatorul post.
  13. WarLord

    Download Virtual Machines

    Test Microsoft Edge and versions of IE6 through IE11 using free virtual machines you download and manage locally. https://dev.windows.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ About Your Virtual Machine: Please note that these virtual machines expire after 90 days. We recommend setting a snapshot when you first install the virtual machine which you can roll back to later.
  14. Top 10 OWASP-Cross-site Scripting (XSS)-By Spirit Hello guys:blackhat: I am Spirit as you all know and today i am here to give a Nooby or a simple tutorial on Xss attack i.e:Cross Site Scripting. So, before doing XSS you should learn the basics of Javascript. You can learn it from here http://www.w3schools.com/js Tutorial:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This Tutorial is for educational purpose only i will not responsible for any harm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for watching guys and keep watching pentesting with spirit :victoire: And please subscribe :thumbsup: Our youtube Channel link:: https://www.youtube.com/c/Pentestingwithspirit Facebook page link:: http://facebook[dot]com/Pentest.with.spirit1 Twitter account:: @spirit3113
  15. Some basics tutorials of Metasploit- by Spirit Hello Guys, My name is Spirited wolf and today i am here to share my some nooby tutorial's of Metasploit :blackhat: So, first thing is what is Metasploit? ->So, my answer will be Metaspoit Framework is a open source penetration tool used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine it, Metasploit frame work has the world’s largest database of public, tested exploits. In simple words, Metasploit can be used to test the Vulnerability of computer systems in order to protect them and on the other hand it can also be used to break into remote systems. Its a powerful tool used for penetration testing. Learning to work with metasploit needs a lot of efforts and time. Ofcourse to can learn metasploit overnight, it needs lots of practice and patience. So, here you go the :drinks: Cheerz... [Part 1]Hacking into Windows using Setoolkit+Measploit tutorial-By Spirit [Part 2]Create a Key logger to Sniff HTTPS data with metasploit tutorial-By Spirit [Part 3]Disable your victim's Windows Firewall using Metasploit-Tutorial by Spirit [Part 4]How to exploit any Windows/Linux by Firefox_xpi_bootstrapped_add-on exploit tutorial-By Spirit [Part 5]OS Command Injection Tutorial-By Spirit If you Like these Tutorial then please subscribe my channel and also do share please :drinks: But any ways it just for the newbies not for professional's :ifyouknowwhatImean: Please comment if i done anything wrong.:blackhat: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tutorial is for educational purpose only. I'll not responsible for any harm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Use your skills to protect other not to harm kiki emoticon Thanks for watching guys and keep watching pentesting with spirit Our youtube Channel link:: https://www.youtube.com/c/Pentestingwithspirit Facebook page link:: http://facebook[dot]com/Pentest.with.spirit1 Twitter account:: @spirit3113
  16. Un write up frumos din partea unei tanti din Romania ce aparent traieste in Canada. Contine cateva puncte bune. " Are penetration testing phases different from the ones of a malicious attack? The answer is no. Both malicious attackers and penetration testers go through the same stages or phases in their attacks/tests: 1. Gathering Information phase. During this stage, as much as possible data on the target is collected (e.g. the target IP address range, domain name registration records, mail server records, etc.), to design the blueprint of the target. 2. Scanning phase. The target is scanned for entry points such as wireless access points, lnternet gateways, available systems, running services, vulnerability lists, and port listening. Other tests would check if default user IDs, passwords, and guest passwords have been disabled or changed and no remote login is allowed. 3. Gaining Access phase. Based on the vulnerabilities which were identified during scanning, attempts are made to access the system. To accomplish this task, one could use automated exploit tools, or legitimate information obtained from social engineering. 4. Maintaining Access phase. Once access has been acquired, attempts are made to escalate the privileges to root/admin and then to upload a piece of code (also named “backdoor”) on the target so that access to the target is maintained independent from the authorized entry points into the system/network. This will allow to connect to the target anytime. 5. Covering Tracks phase. This phase is same important as the previous ones, as leaving a mark can show how elevated access to protected resources can be obtained and this information can be later on maliciously be used by others with access to the system. This phase involves restoring the system to normal pretest configurations, which includes removing files, cleaning logs, registry entries, deleting the uploaded backdoor, etc. " Source: Adeptus Mechanicus PenTest - DEICE-S1.140
  17. Salut, Hello, Content de te revoir! Sunt cunoscut ca si Pix_xiE pe web. Am fost atras de computere inca de la varsta de 7 ani insa familia mea nu si-a permis un computer pe atunci asa ca le-am acordat putina atentie. In 2006 ai mei mi-au cumparat primul computer intr-o zi de iarna (in apropiere de Craciun). Am fost atras de idee in general, ideea de a avea acces la o baza atat de mare de informatii intr-un monitor atat de mic (acum a devenit ceva mai mare si a facut 2 copilasi, dar nah; pana si monitoarele se maturizeaza ). V-ati gandit vreodata ce-ar putea face un adolescent daca si-ar sincroniza timpul petrecut la computer astfel incat sa se concentreze DOAR pe lucrurile care i-ar putea schimba/imbunatati felul in care gandeste si viata ? Presupun ca da. "knowledge is power" , asa a fost si asa va ramane. La 15 ani am auzit prima oara de conceptul de bitcoin iar la 16 ani, cand navigand la intamplare pe un forum cineva discuta despre noua moneda virtuala. Am inceput prin a ma interesa pe cat de mult despre felul in care functioneaza acest sistem lovindu-ma de notiuni ample de criptografie, matematica si informatica. Acum 2 ani, intr-o zi oarecare si avand cateva probleme personale si financiare am vazut in bitcoin o portita spre un taram al viselor. Acela a fost momentul in care m-am decis sa ma apuc serios de studiat securitatea sistemelor (cu alte cuvinte daca stii cum functioneaza securitatea unui computer/server stii si cum sa o spargi, ceea ce este adevarat.Ex: Daca stii cum sa inchizi o usa, stii si cum sa o deschizi, e logic.) Am fost atras in mare parte de metodele de criptografie folosite de moneda si de raspunsul la intrebarea: cum pot deschide portofelul x fara o parola, cum pot afla o parola de la sistemul y si cum pot transfera de la x la y fara a lasa vreun log in urma. Asa am pus bazele unui mic grup cu cativa prieteni de facultate. Am aflat mai multe despre diverse metode intr-un loc numit deep web dupa cateva zile de cautare, cei care au auzit stiu despre ce vorbesc. Informatiile pe care le poti gasi acolo sunt mind-blowing. daca stii cum si unde sa cauti. Nu am facut asta pentru bani (moneda Bitcoin este una foarte interesanta) banii sunt un bonus, o recompensa care ne aduce cu un nivel mai sus fata de restul. In primul rand majoritatea o facem pentru ca ne macina o curiozitate si suntem alergici la mistere cand vine vorba de lumea virtuala (sau de fete). Altii o fac doar pentru bani si le inteleg motivele unora, Romania este o tara saraca si ma tem ca va fi pentru mult timp. Hackingul mi-a schimbat viata din mai multe puncte de vedere si mi-a schimbato in bine. In viata de zi cu zi ma ocup de asigurarea securitatii la o firma de IT renumita, in timpul liber imi fac de cap. In rest, sunt un om simplu si obisnuit la fel ca si voi. Un singur mesaj pentru micii incepatori in lumea hackingului: Fiti curiosi, curiozitatea este una dintre cele mai frumoase trasaturi umane. Folositi-va abilitatile pentru a schimba lumea in ceva mai bun decat azi si luptati pentru a face din visele de azi realitatea de maine Daca va pot ajuta cu ceva aveti trimiteti-mi un pm, voi raspunde in timpul liber. SUCCES ! P.S. Joke time: Daca va intalniti cu vreun agent FBI trimiteti-le mesajul asta din partea mea www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s -Pix_xiE is NOT afraid-
  18. O carte pentru pasionatii de hacking : Zippyshare.com - The_Hacker_Playbook_2_-_Peter_Kim.rar Have Funk!
  19. Graphik


    As vrea sa incepem azi o serie de tutoriale despre hacking. In functie de parerea voastra, vom cuntinua sau nu.
  20. mrsec

    In cat timp ai invatat?

    Probabil, majoritatea userilor care activeaza pe aceasta comunitate, a incercat sa invete sau sunt in procesul de a invata sau au invatat un limbaj de programare la nivel mediu/pro. Cat v-a luat sa invatati, in ce imprejurimi, si de cata rabdare ati avut nevoie? Edit: Ma refer la perioada in care v-ati acomodat cu limbajul/sintaxa si modul de programare, sa zicem un nivel mediu de cunostinte. E normal ca nu poti stapanii un limbaj 100%, dar exista acea perioada de "awakening" in care iti dai seama cum merg lucrurile si totul pare mai usor si de pus in practica , si e mai usor sa asimilezi alte concepte/idei.
  21. TheGreenMY

    Malaysia. TheGreenMY

    Hello everyone how are you i found this forum on google while serching for SMTP scanner. i love this forum they are very focus in hacking insted blackhat. im from malaysia and looking forward to you all! Salute Romanian!
  22. WarLord

    Hacking School

    Am primit emailul urmator de la Udemy, si m-am gandit la voi. Pentru cei interesati: ############### Hi, this is Andrew from Hacking School team. WWH 4.0 is coming! From now on till the end of the weekend (+ 1 more day for sleepyheads) we're celebrating Weekend With Hacking - Strike 4! So again I prepared a huge discount for you. This is the real deal. You can get all of our IT Sec / Hacking related courses for only $9 (yes, nine bucks!), saving up to 90% of the regular price. Just use this coupon code: 4HACK Like last month, there's a little catch. We're giving you this huge discount in exchange for your feedback. You can leave your review on the course dashboard. Just select your rate and write a short paragraph about the selected training. If you already enrolled in several courses, just pick your favorite one and leave us a note. And this is what you can get during Weekend With Hacking 4.0 (coupon code is already applied): - !!! LAST PREMIERE Rootkits and Invisible Software course – only $9 instead of $97 - Best-selling IT Security Beginner: Certified Hacking Training - only $9 instead of $99 (over 9538 students already enrolled) - Best-selling IT Security Professional: Certified Hacking Training - only $9 instead of $99 (over 4497 students already enrolled) - Best-selling Hacking School: Computer and Network Hacking Mastery Course - only $9 instead of $97 (over 2929 students enrolled) - Hacking School: Website Hacking in Practice course - only $9 instead of $79 (over 3883 students already enrolled) - New Windows 2008 R2 – Hacking and Securing – only $9 instead of $99 !!! - Windows 8: Hacking and Securing course - only $9 instead of $79 - Windows 7: Hacking and Securing course - only $9 instead of $79 - Hacking School: Hacking Wireless Networks. Theory and practice - only $9 instead of $99 - Windows Server 2008 R2 Administration Exam prep. course – only $9 instead of $99 - Hacking Academy: METASPLOIT - Penetration Tests from Scratch - only $9 instead of $89 I invite you to enroll and hope to see you inside! P.S. Please don't forget to leave us a review after you use the coupon code. Thanks! Best regards, Andrew from Hacking School Support Team ###### Spor la treaba!
  23. woodgardian

    10 free wireless hacking tools

    Top 10 Free Wireless Network hacking tools for ethical hackers and businesses
  24. Salut. Am gasit pe un forum de hacking o noua metoda SEO. Link: Rank1 301 redirect - 62422bde
  25. I am interested in taking Ethical hacking training course in Chennai. So I like to get the details on some of the best Ethical hacking institutes in Chennai.