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  1. Venom psh-cmd-exe persistence payload Tutorial-By Spirit Hello guys I am Spirited wolf as you all know and today i'm here to demonstrate a tutorial on Persistence using Metasploit-Framework. So, for this we will use the Venom-The Shellcode Generator for this ================================ Tutorial Link:: Venom Tutorial link ================================== So, Venom is a toolkit designed by my friend and it's really very awesome toolkit You can download it from here:: https://sourceforge.net/projects/crisp-shellcode-generator/ (Point to remember :: The Versi
  2. [part 2]Some basic Linux commands Tutorial-By Spirit Hello guys Today we are gonna talk about how you can run python,perl,.sh and .exe files in linux so keep watching Pentesting with spirit Tutorial link:: https://youtu.be/cImEseQeynA Please Subscribe my channel to get the notification for the upcomming tutorials , and please like & share too Sharing is power ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe our channel:: www.youtube.com/c/Pentestingwithspirit Like our facebook
  3. [part 1]Some basic Linux commands Hello guys Today, we just started a new series on Linux commands. It's gonna be a fun Tutorial link:: so keep watching Pentesting with spirit Please Subscribe my channel to get the notification for the upcomming tutorials , and please like & share too :cool: Sharing is power :blackhat: and please comment if i have done anything wrong ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe our channe
  4. [How to install kali linux tutorial-By Spirit] Hello guys My name is Spirit and today i am gonna show you how you can install kali linux in VMware workstation or in any other virutual players. Tutorial link:: https://youtu.be/SPmoXWiAGmQ ------------------------------------------------ Download kali linux ::www.kali.org ------------------------------------------------ You can watch my another tutorials also on my youtube channel:: www.youtube.com/c/Pentestingwithspirit And here is my Facebook fan page:: Www.fb.com/Pentest.with.spirit1 and my twitter accoun
  5. Top 10 OWASP-Cross-site Scripting (XSS)-By Spirit Hello guys:blackhat: I am Spirit as you all know and today i am here to give a Nooby or a simple tutorial on Xss attack i.e:Cross Site Scripting. So, before doing XSS you should learn the basics of Javascript. You can learn it from here http://www.w3schools.com/js Tutorial:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This Tutorial is for educational purpose only i will not responsible for any harm. ------
  6. Shell Uploading Best methods Tutorials-By Spirit Hello guys i am Spirited wolf and today i am here to give tutorial on shell uploading and bypass in different senerious. Hope you will like it. And please! Subscribe my channel to get the notification of upcomming Tutorial's Upload shell after doing sqli- By Spirit Uploading shell with sqli command-By Spirit Advanced way to upload your shell Tutorial-By Spirit Bypass file(mostly shell) upload tutorial-By spirit -------------------------------------------------
  7. [Complete Sql-Injection Course by Spirit] Hello guys my name is Spirited wolf and here are all my tutorial on most Common type of Sql Injection. You can say A complete Course for every Noob o, Here we go For testing purpose we need to setup some Sqli Labs for testing How things really work. Setup pentesting lab's in kali linux-Tutorial 1 Addon's For Firefox that we need by Spirit-Tutorial 2 Basic's Sql injection from finding column's to dumping database-Part 1-Turorial 3 Explanation for dumping tables and columns-Part 2-Turorial 3 Error Based String W
  8. Some basics tutorials of Metasploit- by Spirit Hello Guys, My name is Spirited wolf and today i am here to share my some nooby tutorial's of Metasploit :blackhat: So, first thing is what is Metasploit? ->So, my answer will be Metaspoit Framework is a open source penetration tool used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine it, Metasploit frame work has the world’s largest database of public, tested exploits. In simple words, Metasploit can be used to test the Vulnerability of computer systems in order to protect them and on the o
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