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Microsoft leaked tool

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Nu stiu daca e de folos cuiva dar voi posta mai jos o toola leakuita pentru a enabla diverse servicii in windows11 : 


Stagging tool 








.\stagingtool.exe /?
StagingTool [version 10.0.25910.1000 (WinBuild.160101.0800)]

    [StagingTool.exe] Controls the feature configurations for this device

       Usage: StagingTool.exe [/enable  <featureId>]
                              [/disable <featureId>]
                              [/query   [featureId]]
                              [/reset   <featureId>]
                              [/setvariant <featureId> <variantId> [payload]]


                              [/trace <featureId1> [<featureId2> ... <featureIdN>]]

                              [/setbootconfigs <jsonFile> <registryPath>]

       /enable          Enable the specified feature
       /disable         Disable the specified feature
       /query           Query the specified feature (or all features, if featureId
                        is omitted) for enablement and variant information
         /v                 Optional parameter to also print ImageDefault and ImageOverride features

       /reset           Reset the specified feature to its default state

         <featureId>        Specifies a feature by its feature Id
                            Example: Enable features with Id 1

                                StagingTool.exe /enable 1

       /testmode        Used in conjunction with /enable /disable /reset
                        Applied feature configs will revert after reboot

       /telemetry       Used in conjunction with /enable /disable /reset
                        Enables sending additional telemetry

       /setvariant      Select a feature variant to use (note: the feature must be
                        enabled for variants to be expressed). Use /query to list
                        configured variants.

         <featureId>        Specifies a feature by its feature Id

         <variantId>        Specifies a feature variant by id.

         [payload]          (Optional) Unsigned int payload for the variant
                            (for variants that support fixed payload)

       /serialize       Rather than apply changes to the local machine, use this
                        option to print out (in reg.exe/hex format) a new config
                        with all of the requested changes. This can be used for
                        offline updates to VHDs prior to first boot.

       /setlkg          Set Boot time feature override states as LKG Configurations
       /restorelkg      Restore Boot time LKG configurations states Feature Configurations

       /trace           Realtime ETW trace for the specified feature(s) usage in code
                        E.g. enable trace for the feature with ID 1235441: StagingTool.exe /trace 1235441

       /?                Show command usage





"If this seems complex to you, and you’re not a developer, then it’s better not to try it, as you can damage your Windows 11. On the other hand, for those of your who are familiar with it, you may now discover Windows 11’s hidden treasures. Of features."

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