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Troya 1.32

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inainte de toate, e destul de meserias,nu stiu daca il detecteaza antivirusul ca nu am momentan unul, e beta,

Troya is a WebRAT (Web Remote Administration Tool).

This is a Remote Trojan without Client. Unlike other Trojans that need a Client program to connect to Remote PC , Troya doesn't need a client.

Troya uses Internet Explorer to connect to Remote PC. Which means that you can treat the Remote PC like a Website. And you can connect to it by typing its IP Address into your Web Browser. Example:


Main Troya Abilities

1- File Manager. You can see the drives and directories and files exist on the Remote PC. And download any of them you want.

2- Screen Capture. You can Remotely see the screenshot of Remote-PC's Desktop. And change the size and Quality of it.

3- Window Manager. You can Remotely see the current window's and close , minimize , maximize and restore them.

4- Process Manager. You can Remotely see the currently running processes and programs in the Windows Environment.

5- Screen Resolution. You can Remotely see the supported Screen Resolutions by the Graphic Card of Remote PC, and change the current screen resolution to what you want.

6- Disable Windows XP Firewall. Which lets you easily connect to Remote PC without any prevention.

7- Keep the server against crashing. The AntiCrash system checks if the server is running or not. And if not , the server will run again.


later edit: i`am dat unui vecin care are nod si nu i`a zis nimic dar exista si probabilitatea ca sa nu aiba antivirusul la zi cu update`urile

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sall!!!am incercat sa descarc programul dar nu merge.:( mi-am facut si cont..si nimic.:(:( cand dau click pe "apasati aici pentru a porni downloadul" ma trimite pe diverse site-uri de matrimoniale si altele.:))..un pic de ajutor??ms anticipat.:)

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gresisem ceva.
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