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Faci bani cu videobb

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Am gasitl pe HF despre VideoBB. Ce spune :

We are pleased to announce the launch of VIDEOBB.COM!

This is a new innovative service for videohosting that has never been seen before. Our technology is groundbreaking for this industry which has not seen the light of a serious service for quite some time. We plan to push it to new heights and invite you to read on.

Our videoplayer is built from scratch and is customized for our users and service. Not many other host have spent time on research and development as we have, and built their own.

Like any other services, we have attempted to eradicate all known bugs from our system before giving you this product. However, as you may understand, everything is never always perfect. We will therefore like you to inform us on our performance and eventually bugs that you may come across via our Contact Us form found on our page. We have a dedicated IT team that will be able to solve bugs and implement new features upon request from our users.

Our platform is straight forward:

-Upload your personal videos,

-Share it with your friends, family, associates, acquaintances (et. al.)

-Get paid for letting them watch it.

The following is our Payment scheme:


Current payout methods for Videobb:





AhEaD Was Here !!!

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Am facut un script php care sa ia automat toate linkurile de pe un canal de youtube:

Luam de exemplu canalul Viso Trailers: Canalul utilizatorului trailers - YouTube

Dam click pe videoclipuri. Mergem jos sa vedem cate pagini are acest canal. Observam ca are 59 de pagini.

Copiem linkul din bara Canalul utilizatorului trailers - YouTube.



$fisier = fopen('C:\xampp\htdocs\youtube.txt', 'a');
//jos trebuie setate numarul de pagini ex: de la 1 la 59 (59 fiind numarul de pagini pe care il are canalul)
for($nr = 1; $nr <= 59; $nr++)
$date = file_get_contents('http://www.youtube.com/user/trailers/videos?sort=dd&view=u&page=' . $nr); //linkul de la canal cu pagini, fara numarul de pagini de la sfarsit

$inceput = explode('data-video-ids="', $date);

for($i = 1; $i < count($inceput); $i++)
$sfarsit = explode('" data-feature="thumbnail"', $inceput[$i]);
$youtube = $sfarsit[0];
fwrite($fisier, 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=' . $youtube . "\r\n");



Apoi va duceti pe http://videobb.com/upload.php

Alegem remote upload, si de acolo alegem video hosting, din care alegem Youtube.

Copiem cate 500 linkuri din fisier si le uploadam. (de ce doar 500? ca doar atat adminte siteul lor)

Puteti sa il modificati sa salveze in alta parte, eu l-am rulat pe xampp.

Trebuie sa admit, scriptul e copiat si modificat dupa alt script de al lui NYTRO!


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@m4t3 poti face spread cu o metoda... Iti faci un blog, iti downloadezi de pe videobb linkurile si le pui pe blog. Google iti indexeaza blogul si apoi indexeaza si linkurile de la videobb. Astfel poti aduna niste vizitatori din google. Acum nu stiu cat de buna e aceasta idee. Imi imaginez ca nu o sa iti vina asa multi vizitatori.

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