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  1. Help for me ? Password decyrpt ?

    P-asta il stiti? https://github.com/lanjelot/patator
  2. @mariuss615Exista posibilitatea ca balenele sa isi faca un cartel? E o combinatie win-win ca sa scoata mai multi jucatori cu sume mici din joc. Plus ca eu daca scot la vanzare 1000000 btc nu inseamna ca ii si vand.
  3. Pai ideea nu e sa le vinzi, ci sa le scoti pe piata. Doar scoaterea la vanzare scade valoarea. Ca se ofera mai multi bitcoini pentru aceeasi cerere. Doar cresterea ofertei cand cererea ramane constanta face ca pretul sa scada.
  4. Intrebare: dc cineva detine 1.000.000 de bitcoini si ii tine la ciorap=> cf. Cerere-oferta creste valoarea ca nu sunt lichiditati pe piata. Daca ala vrea sa faca mai multi bani trebuie doar sa le dea drumul pe piata => va exploda oferta, pretul va scadea drastic, apoi el va avea bani sa cumpere si mai mult, profitand la maxim de pozitia privilegiata pe care o are. E plauzibil?
  5. Cem Paya

    Mi-am amintit de Cem Paya, ala care a lucrat initial la google wallet. Dc va intereseaza blogul omului https://randomoracle.wordpress.com/author/cemp/
  6. Wicked Cool Shell Scripts: 101 Scripts for Linux, OS X, and UNIX Systems, 2nd Edition Shell scripts are an efficient way to interact with your machine and manage your files and system operations. With just a few lines of code, your computer will do exactly what you want it to do. But you can also use shell scripts for many other essential (and not-so-essential) tasks. This second edition of Wicked Cool Shell Scripts offers a collection of useful, customizable, and fun shell scripts for solving common problems and personalizing your computing environment. Each chapter contains ready-to-use scripts and explanations of how they work, why you’d want to use them, and suggestions for changing and expanding them. You’ll find a mix of classic favorites, like a disk backup utility that keeps your files safe when your system crashes, a password manager, a weather tracker, and several games, as well as 23 brand-new scripts, including: A ZIP code lookup tool that reports the city and state A Bitcoin address information retriever A suite of tools for working with cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud Tools for renaming and applying commands to files in bulk Image processing and editing tools Whether you want to save time managing your system or just find new ways to goof off, these scripts are wicked cool! http://emagazinepdf.com/2016/11/wicked-cool-shell-scripts-101-scripts-for-linux-os-x-and-unix-systems-2nd-edition/
  7. Pentetrarea Romania

    Prin gat in cur: https://capitalresearch.org/person/jacob-grandstaff/content/
  8. Help needed...

    tparser.org Os + Networking: https://www.sans.org/security-resources/
  9. Check torrents: http://tparser.org/Offensive-security
  10. Investitii in Cryptocurrencies

  11. Investitii in Cryptocurrencies

    Incearca cu google translate.
  12. Caut webdesigner

  13. Investitii in Cryptocurrencies

  14. Poti sa faci informatica economica la ase la idd si e mai bine vazut. Plus ca pe diploma de licenta nu scrie id sau zi. Doar pe aia de master am vazut ca e.
  15. [TRAINING] Vulnerable Machine List

    Ai perfecta dreptate, man. Plus ca in engleza sunt scrise cu limbaj de lemn. Eu am invatat programarea mai pe taraneste, cu vectori si nu cu arrays, de exemplu.