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  1. Why are there programs that encrypt payload to paybass av on windows and there are no programs to encrype apk payload....😅
  2. droidjack and omnirat work and dont paybass any av so it's bulshit
  3. Trebuie să experimentez ceva
  4. Este cineva care are acest program ?
  5. in InspirationTuts we are gonna train you to become a 3d artist . 3ds max tutorials are about modeling,texturing,rigging,animatioin,lighting,rendering,..... we can help youn to understand the basics of 3ds max in an easy an fun ways that's gonna help you become the artist you want to be. link : InspirationTuts
  6. https://gist.github.com/dylanmckay/2b191a10068bd87d0fffba242db44b52
  7. Foxhound: Blackbox - A RaspberryPi 3 NSM (Network Security Monitor) based on Bro, Netsniff-NG, Loki and Critical Stack. sursa : https://www.sneakymonkey.net/2016/10/30/raspberrypi-nsm/
  8. y can't use just tor...you need another thing to help you stay secure
  9. The @nytimes is now available on #Tor via their hidden service, works fine w/out JavaScript
  10. On a recent engagement, our testers were faced with a single page web application which was used to generate PDF documents. This web application contained a multi-step form that ultimately let the user download a PDF document containing the details they had entered. As a user progressed through the form, the data entered would occasionally be redisplayed in future questions. We tried to find an XSS vulnerability in this workflow; and although the application itself correctly escaped user input, an interesting discovery was made when downloading the PDF file: it appeared that the PDF docu
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