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(video) Learning Python Web Penetration Testing

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  • Understand the web application penetration testing methodology and toolkit
  • Interact with web applications using Python and the Requests library
  • Write a web crawler/spider with the Scrapy library
  • Create an HTTP bruteforcer based on Requests
  • Create a Password bruteforcer for Basic, NTLM, and Forms authentication
  • Detect and exploit SQL injections vulnerabilities by creating a script all by yourself
  • Intercept and manipulate HTTP communication using Mitmproxy


Download (valabil 7 zile): aHR0cDovL3guY28vNmxnRGQ=


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4 minutes ago, Error13 said:

the link is broken


I did mention there (although in Romanian) that the link would be available for 7 days, that's why is broken at the moment. I would usually make a re-upload but I have banned lots of accounts coming from the domain that you used to register for spamming and links containing malware so in your case sorry - won't re-upload. Good luck!

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50 minutes ago, kingsbig2001 said:

bro actually i downloaded it there


If you read on YouTube it says "This playlist/video has been uploaded for Marketing purposes and contains only selective videos.  For the entire video course and code visit...". What I posted is full.

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