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Care e treaba cu HTTPS ?

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Security - encryption, data integrity (data can’t be corrupted), authentication (prevents MiTM)

Performance - HTTP/2; reduced load time

HTTPS is a ranking factor.

Referral data - daca tu-ti faci reclama pe Reddit care are HTTPS si traficul vine de acolo si tu ai HTTP, referral data va fi blocat in Google Analytics. Pot dezvolta aici da' n-am chef :)


Daca ai un simplu blog, fara payment system si nu sunt introduse date sensibile de catre utilizatori, atunci n-ai nevoie de HTTPS.

Pentru HTTPS iti trebuie un certificat SSL, cum ti-a scris @curiosul, pe care-l instalezi la tine pe sait - gasesti informatii cu sutele cum sa procedezi, n-ai cum sa dai gres.

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Combinatie Perfecta :
1 Bucata VPS ( centos 6.7 + < 7.00 )
2 Centos Web Panel instalat

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://centos-webpanel.com/cwp-latest
sh cwp-latest

3 Accesand : ip:2030/index.php?module=letsencrypt veti da de un meniu

Letsencrypt Manager [INSTALLED]
By Installing Letsencrypt you will be able to install free Letsencrypt SSL certificates.
Letsencrypt certificates are autorenew'ed daily by the cronjob, Autorenew status [INSTALLED]

Concluzie : Prin cativa pasi va puteti instala un manager de certificate ssl gratuit si puteti transforma http in https ...

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