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.js in cmd

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Am un script ceva de genu

<script src="https://site.com/sts.js"></script>
    var player = new Client.Anonymous('412898491827489178972489578934758932183091890', {


Eu daca pun asta intr-un .html si il deschid isi face treaba.

Dar vreau sa o faca fara un Browser

Se poate?

Sau daca stie cineva un browser care nu ocupa foarte mult si sa il pot edita

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Command Line Interface

As the codebase is updated, we hope to keep these documents updated as well. Unless otherwise stated, this documentation currently applies to the latest PhantomJS release:PhantomJS 2.1.1

Assuming PhantomJS is built and its executable is placed somewhere in the PATH, it can be invoked as follows:

phantomjs [options] somescript.js [arg1 [arg2 [...]]]

The script code will be executed as if it running in a web browser with an empty page. Since PhantomJS is headless, there will not be anything visible shown up on the screen.

If PhantomJS is invoked without any argument, it will enter the interactive mode (REPL).


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