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Making Free Calls With Nokia

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Making Free Calls With Nokia

Section 1: The Introduction


Tired of wondering if you have gone over your minute limit? Tired of

trying to guess how many minutes you are going to use? Tired of even

paying for the shit? Then this is the tutorial for you. This is a

short and simple tutorial that will teach you, the reader, how to

make free calls on your Nokia cell phone. So let's proceed...

Section 2: So How Do We Do It?


This technique works on most of the nokia models out today. Meaning

this will work for you as long as you don't have an old fossil sort

of model. So what you will first do is turn on your phone. Then punch

in the code *3001#12345#. This will bring up the NAM programming menu.

From here go down and select the option NAM 1. Once you are in the NAM

1 menu, go down until you see "Emergency Numbers", and enter. You then

go down until you see an empty slot and enter the empty slot. Then

simply punch in the number that you want to call and exit the NAM

programming menu. Now when you dial up the number, the number will be

treated as an emergency call number, which will therefore put the

phone into emergency call mode (which you can exit out of once you are

finished with your call). No number in the emergency call number list

is ever billed to you. There are a couple of other things you can do

from within the NAM programming menu, but that can be saved for another

time, and another tutorial.

Section 3: The Conclusion


Once again I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed

writing this. This trick for the most part only works on the Nokia

60 series, though I believe may also work for a couple of other models.

Be sure to also note that this trick also doesn't work on all

networks. Therefore, if you indeed do have a compatible model, first

try it with just one or two calls before you start going wild. Then

just wait for the bill, and if nothing shows up about the calls you

made with this trick, then feel free to call away. Anyways, until next


Note: If you have a question or comment and feel the need to reach me

then you can do so at murdermouse@informationleak.net and I will try to get back

with you as soon as possible.

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telefonu tau nu e compatibil ...

nu tre sa dai call dupa ce formezi, tre sa apara singur meniul ... ca si cum ai scrie *#0000# (merge pe orice model de nokia). Eu am 3310, si nici la mine nu merge faza ... sa mai incerce si altii si sa zica daca le-a mers

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Incercat si pe 1100, 3220 si inca unul (posesorul nu stie ce are...) si -evident- nu merge. Comenzile ce trebuie dat Call (deci nu alea ce apar imediat dupa introd codului..) sunt functii de retea, de care operatorul sigur s-a ocupat, si nu in avantajul cleintului... Oricum, era prea simplu si prea frumos sa fie adevarat.. :)

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Cred ca nu ati inteles bine, omu spune clar : This trick for the most part only

works on the Nokia 60 series, though I believe may also work for a couple of other models.

Bagati un ochi aici pentru lista cu toate telefoanele compatibile.....trick-ului


@alexct> sa sti ca mergea sa vb gratis dar pe retelele vechi cu telefoanele alea ericsson caramizi, acum nu stiu daca mai functioneaza ca nu am tel din ala si nu am incercat, era un cod, daca are cnv posibilitatea sa faca rost de un ericsson din ala vechi, ar fi bine sa incercam codul sa vdm dak mai merge, desi ,ma indoiesc, alte standarde, alte frecvente...etc

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nu merge nici pe s60 series ... am incercat eu pe toate telefoanele mele...

n-gage - e in lista dar nu merge

6600 - e in lista dar nu merge

n70 - la fel

Mai am si un spv(c500) (orange phone) dar nici pe ala nu merge.....

totusi nu credeam ca exista asa ceva ... oricum ... e prea frumos sa fie adevarat...

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