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OVH data center burns down knocking major sites offline

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OVH data center burns down knocking major sites offline

By Ax Sharma
  • March 10, 2021


data center


In a major unprecedented incident, data centers of OVH located in Strasbourg, France have been destroyed by fire.

OVH is the largest hosting provider in Europe and the third-largest in the world. The cloud computing company provides VPS, dedicated servers, and other web services.

Customers are being advised by the company to enact their disaster recovery plans after the fire has rendered multiple data centers unserviceable, impacting websites around the world. 

Fire destroys Strasbourg data centers

OVH, the world's third-largest and Europe's largest hosting provider has been impacted by a disaster.

Its French data centers, SBG1, SBG2, SBG3, and SBG4 located in Strasbourgh were shut down to contain the damage from a fire that started in SBG2.

A statement provided by OVH on their status page reads:

We are currently facing a major incident in our DataCenter of Strasbourg with a fire declared in the building SBG2.
Firefighters were immediately on the scene but could not control the fire in SBG2.
The whole site has been isolated, which impacts all our services on SBG1, SBG2, SBG3 and SBG4.
If your production is in Strasbourg, we recommend to activate your Disaster Recovery Plan.
All our teams are fully mobilized along with the firefighters.
We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

In hours following the incident, BleepingComputer saw the data centers SBG2 and SBG3 disappearing altogether from OVH's list:

ovh data centers OVH data centers page no longer shows SBG2 and SBG3

Major sites knocked offline, more expected

As a result of this incident major customers of OVH state their web services are inaccessible.

The list of impacted clients includes cyber threat intelligence company Bad Packets, provider of free chess server Lichess.org, cryptocurrency exchange Deribit, encryption utility VeraCrypt, news outlet eeNews Europe, and many others.

badpackets down Bad Packets points out being impacted by the fire at OVH data centers

Although according to the OVH founder and chairman Octave Klaba, the fire has been contained as of early hours of March 10th, 2021, services are expected to remain unavailable at least for today.


"Fire is over. Firefighters continue to cool the buildings with the water."

"We don’t have the access to the site. That is why SBG1, SBG3, SBG4 won’t be restarted today," said Klaba.

Customers should immediately bring into effect their disaster recovery plans while OVH is yet to bring its services back up.

This is a developing story.


Sursa; https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/technology/ovh-data-center-burns-down-knocking-major-sites-offline/

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15 servere in sbg2 cu backup in sbg3. Clientul își da palme că nu a ascultat sa ia in alta locație backup-ul. Partea buna este că există un cold backup in Romania. Partea nașpa este că e vechi și conexiunea vai mama ei.

Au fost PLATITE alte 15 servere pentru că OVH inca nu are o procedura. La suport tot ce ți se dă este un rahat de link unde zic că vor porni serviciile incepand cu 15 martie. Însă nimic legat de cei din sbg2 unde este clar că nu se mai recuperează nimic.


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