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Nu merge JavaScript.

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Cand dai la postari noi si in josul paginii pe "Load more" te trimite in susul paginii inapoi in loc sa incarce mai multe postari noi. Nu merge deloc. Si nici atunci cand dai click pe quote la postarea cuiva ca sa-l citezi nu merge, pur si simplu nu se intampla nimic. Cred ca este vorba de JavaScript care nu functioneaza cum trebuie. Nu am nici o extensie in browser de genul NoScript. Folosesc Chrome si problema este de acum o saptamana sau doua dar am crezut initial ca poate se lucreaza la site si de asta.

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Pare sa vina de undeva de la codu asta

;;(function($, _, undefined) {
    "use strict";
    ips.controller.register('core.front.core.quickSearch', {
        initialize: function() {
            this.on('mouseup', '.cSearchFilter__menu', this.updateAndClose);
            this.on('change', 'input[name="type"]', this.updateFilter);
            this.on('focus', '.cSearchSubmit', this.a11yFocusSubmit);
            this.on('keypress', '.cSearchFilter__text', this.a11yOpenDetails);
        setup: function() {
            document.querySelector('.cSearchFilter__text').innerText = document.querySelector('.cSearchFilter__menu input:checked + .cSearchFilter__menuText').innerHTML;
        updateFilter: function(e) {
            document.querySelector('.cSearchFilter__text').innerText = e.target.nextElementSibling.innerHTML;
        updateAndClose: function(e) {
                document.querySelector('.cSearchFilter').open = false;
            , "500");
        a11yOpenDetails: function(e) {
            if (e.key === "Enter") {
                document.querySelector('.cSearchFilter').open = true;
                document.querySelector('.cSearchFilter__menu input:checked').focus();
        a11yFocusSubmit: function(e) {
            document.querySelector('.cSearchFilter').open = false;
}(jQuery, _));



Daca s-a facut vreo modificare la search sau vreun update, aparent selectorii aia nu exista. Fix la functia de setup da si eroarea. Poate ajuta...

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