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Servers Counter-Strike Down

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Defapt nu il pica, programul in Perl trimite pachete UDP (prea multe intr-un interval scurt si necesita si banda mai fastuoasa-chiar poti "darama netul" daca esti bazat , nu il pica de tot, oricum pe mine m-a ajutat enorm nu numai in cazuri in care vroiam sa cauzez probleme la serverele de cstrike :)

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Pai ai dreptate cu faza cu netul, ca am o firma f slaba aici in oras care ia net de la RDS Suceava si il transmit ei cu viteze cik 3 mb/s ... lol... vrajeli am dat 2 min flood la unu care are net la firma asta, il intreb a doua zi la scoala ce a patit serverul lui si el imi zice ca nu stie a picat netu vreo 20 min :lol::lol::lol:

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This tool was made back in the Stone Age . Many interesting events that changed our history ocurred then .

For example, after a good hunting , a group of people took some sticks and rocks

and used them as drums .. rock music was invented .

Also they stopped eating horse shit , and noticed that has a good effect over the ground , a new step in the development of agriculture was made .

So if you wanna make a neanderthalian worship you as a god with this tool called udp.pl i think you`ll succeed .

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