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[RST] Cycler Bot

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Ok, am castigat challenge-ul si am continuat sa adaug functii lui @Maximus

Lista comenzi :

[*] Criptari

!a2b <text> (returns encrypted ASCII to Binary text)

!aer <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted AER 256 text)

!armon <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted ARMON 64 text)

!atom <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted ATOM 128 text)

!b2a <text> (returns decrypted Binary to ASCII text)

!b64 <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted BASE64 text)

!caesar <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted Caesar Shift Code text)

!esab <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted ESAB 46 text)

!ezip <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted EZIP 64 text)

!feron <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted FERON 74 text)

!gila <e/d> <text> (retuns encrypted/decrypted GILA 7 text)

!haz <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted HAZZ 15 text)

!megan <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted MEGAN 35 text)

!morse <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted Morse code text)

!okto <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted OKTO 3 text)

!rc4 <e/d> <text> (returns RC4 encrypted/decrypted text)

!rot <text> (returns ROT 13 encrypted text)

!tigo <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted TIGO 3 FX text)

!tripo <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted TRIPO 5 text)

!zara <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted ZARA 128 text)

!zong <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted ZONG 22 text)

!detect <encrypted-text> (it will try to find encryption type and decode your text)

!key <encryption KEY> (set your custom encryption key [ARMON-64/AER-256/etc])

!key * (to remove your encryption key)

[*] Funny

!bomb <username> (case sensitive username) to play the bomb game

!bomb (to bomb a random channel user)

There are 3 colors red blue and green. You must type one of them to defuse the bomb

!chuck or !chuck <username> for a random Chuck Norris joke :)

[*] Altele

!bit <long-link> (it will return a short bit.ly link)

!echeck <email-address> (check if email exists / works perfect with Yahoo! (needs more coding))

!hash <text> (returns : SHA1/MD5/SHA256 hash)

!header <website> (will return HTTP request header and HTTP response header)

!info <username> (small username info)

!ip <ip-address> to view details (country,city,zip,latitude,logitude,time zone) of a specific IP Address.

!lastlogin <username> (to view the last date that username logged in)

!lastpost (to subscribe to last forum post)

!lastpost (to unsubscribe from last forum post)

!len <text> (returns text lenght)

!low <text> (it will retur your text to lowercase)

!offline <username> <message> to leave a offline message for a username. Once it comes online, he will be notified.

!message <id> to view message and !clear to clear all your messages.

!messages (to see if you have any messages)

!clear (to clear all your messages)

!ping <host: port> (this function has to be rewriten)

!rev <text> (returns reverse text)

!say <text> (Only admins can user this command)

!seen <username> (it returs something like : I've seen nytro on Sun, 32 Dec 2099 03:52:58 +0200 saying Never say never!)

!sock <ip: port> (it will connet to ip: port , checks if it's alive)

!ssh <ip: port> or !ssh <ip> (it will check if ip/host has ssh open)

!subscribe <cat-id> (9,12,13,15,16,17,18,19,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,40,42,43,45,48,49,53,54,55,56,58,60,61,62,63,65) To subscribe to a specific forum category.

!subscribe (to view your subscribed categorys)

!unsubscribe <cat-it> (to unsubscribe)

!top (to view the most active chat users) [it will return something like : Gecko > J > Maximus > Aerosol > Kronzy]

!up <text> (it will return your text to UPPERCASE)

!uptime (you know this one)

!uri <e/d> <link> (to URL encode/decode string)

!zip <zip> or !zip <address> (returns full zip/addres info)


!help <command> (ex.: !help seen sau !help !seen)

Daca aveti propuneri, nu ezitati sa postati aici. Multumesc.

P.S. 2800 linii de cod :D

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@misefalfaieAsta e o comanda valabila ?

!a2b(!aer(!armon(!atom(!b2a(!b64(!caesar(!esab <e/d> <text> (returns encrypted/decrypted ESAB 46 text)))))))))

Si unde e botul asta ca sa ma joc si eu cu el ?

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