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Coailii Password Recovery Admin Panel

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Admin panel for Coailii Password Recovery v1.0


[25.10.2015] Small update:

- Added delete feature

- Several bugfixes





Link to the tool: Coailii Password Recovery

Created in:



Apache webserver

PHP >= 5.3


Install notes:

* Upload the admin panel to your PHP-enabled web server

* Go to application/config/db.php and enter your MySQL server data which point to the Coailii database

* Go to application/config/encryption.php and enter the encryption password you wish to enter in the tool

* Go to application/config/urls.php and enter the path to the script.

*** The domain config key is the domain name or IP of the host where the admin panel is.

*** The base_path config key is the url path of the server where the script is.

*** Let's say that our script is uploaded to h t t p : / / efbiai . com /misc/coailii

*** In this case, you should set the domain config key to efbiai.com and the base_path key to /misc/coailii

API path:

h t t p://example.com/path/to/script/api

Default login:





Planned ToDo list:

* Add icons next to application names

* Implement data export feature

Coailii Password Recovery Admin Panel: DOWNLOAD

Coailii Password Recovery Admin Panel SQL structure: DOWNLOAD

If you run into any kind of issues, you can reply to this tread.

Have a great day!

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return array(

'domain' => 'http://darkorbit24.byethost31.com',

'base_path' => '',

'use_ssl' => false


asa aveam pus :-)

Edit: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

Poftim, de asta ce zici..?

Intra in index.php si schimba pe linia 6:

define('DEVELOPMENT', false);


define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Si spune-mi ce iti arata.

Si renunta la XP lol o.O

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[FATAL ERROR] [RUNTIME ERROR] SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'b31_16139014_dark.coailii_sessions' doesn't exist Poftim.

Pai ce vrei sa am la 1.5 ram,procesor AMD 1.8 ..

Trebuie sa importi .sql-ul in baza de date b31_16139014_dark.

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Care sa fie problema?

Verifica fisierul "application/config/db.php". Vezi daca are permisiuni de citire si asigura-te ca e de forma asta:


return array(
'db_hostname' => '',
'db_username' => 'coailii',
'db_password' => '',
'db_name' => 'coailii',
'db_prefix' => 'coailii_'

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