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  1. @ Pentru memory dump: https://zeltser.com/memory-acquisition-with-dumpit-for-dfir-2/ ->
  2. https://github.com/FabioBaroni/awesome-exploit-development https://github.com/wtsxDev/reverse-engineering https://www.vulnhub.com/ https://ctflearn.com/index.php https://hackinparis.com/archives/
  3. Stiu ca au filmat in zona Dacia din Timisoara . Dar @Zatarra are dreptate, e despre skiddies. Va recomand un film interesant:
  4. =)))))))))))))))))) @QuoVadis +1
  5. Probabil din cauza asta a spus acele lucruri: http://www.mlive.com/news/us-world/index.ssf/2017/02/paypal_increasing_several_fees.html Paypal a marit fee-urile. Sunt putin disperati?
  6. Spectre Example Code: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ErikAugust/724d4a969fb2c6ae1bbd7b2a9e3d4bb6/raw/41bf9bd0e7577fe3d7b822bbae1fec2e818dcdd6/spectre.c #define CACHE_HIT_THRESHOLD(80) - Pentru a nu avea erori puneti un spatiu intre THRESHOLD si (80)
  7. Security Advisories & Responses Title : CPU Side-Channel Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities URL : https://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20180104-cpusidechannel Description : On January 3, 2018 researchers disclosed three vulnerabilities that take advantage of the implementation of speculative execution of instructions on many modern microprocessor architectures to perform side-channel information disclosure attacks. These vulnerabilities could allow an unprivileged local attacker, in specific circumstances, to read privilege
  8. Reading privileged memory with a side-channel Posted by Jann Horn, Project Zero We have discovered that CPU data cache timing can be abused to efficiently leak information out of mis-speculated execution, leading to (at worst) arbitrary virtual memory read vulnerabilities across local security boundaries in various contexts. Variants of this issue are known to affect many modern processors, including certain processors by Intel, AMD and ARM. For a few Intel and AMD CPU models, we have exploits that work against real software. We reported this issue to Inte
  9. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/02/intel_cpu_design_flaw/ Kernel page-table isolation (KPTI, previously called KAISER) is a hardening technique in the Linux kernel to improve security by better isolating user space and kernel space memory. KPTI was merged into Linux kernel version 4.15, to be released in early 2018, and backported into Linux Kernel 4.14.10. Windows implemented an identical feature in version 17035 (RS4). Prior to KPTI, whenever executing user space code (applications), Linux would also keep its entire kernel memory mapped in page table. https://www.y
  10. Caut developer pentru Magento 2. Pentru mai multe detalii, trimite-mi te rog P.M
  11. @ Un coleg si-a luat credit din banca in valoare de 10.000 $ pentru a investi Ripple. Tot mi a spus ca ripple va fi acceptat de multe banci, multe banci si sisteme de payment il folosesc. Poate va este de folos, GoogleIT Ripple .
  12. sleed

    Servicii SEO

    Trimite mi te rog cateva din realizarile tale si cuvintele cheie targetate. Mersi
  13. Flextronics Specifically, you will:  Ensure support for McAfee Anti-Virus Solution, IDS/IPS solution, Data Loss Prevention. The support level included L1, L2 and L3 support and implementation work;  Ensure support for McAfee Endpoind Encryption and BitLocker;  Be involved in discovering virus outbreaks and working with different IT Teams and our AV vendor to handle the outbreak, clean and doing the root cause analysis;  Monitor and analyze security events, make a risk assignment and response and solve this events in conjunction with global, regional
  14. Salut. Am nevoie de o solutie integrata de traffic shaping. Nu ma intereseaza solutii gen: Juniper Srx, Riv. Steelhead sau alte hardware appliance. Doar Unix/Linux based, pentru mai multe LAN-uri din mai multe tari. Cu ce ati lucrat si ce recomandati ? Procesare undeva la ~788G Packets, 577T Bytes
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