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Found 8 results

  1. [XSS] Apple.com Status Raported PoC:
  2. Vuln.: [Cross site scripting] *.Telekom.de Status: Raported PoC:
  3. sleed


    Vuln.: [XSS] [Cross Site Scripting]: *.att.com Demo ^ Poc : Status: Raportat
  4. <!-- # Exploit Title: (0day)Samsung iPOLiS XnsSdkDeviceIpInstaller ActiveX WriteConfigValue Remote Code Execution PoC (CVE-2015-0555) # Date: 22/02/2015 # Exploit Author: Praveen Darshanam # Vendor Homepage: *https://www.samsung-security.com/Tools/device-manager.aspx # Version: Samsung iPOLiS 1.12.2 # Tested on: Windows 7 Ultimate N SP1 # CVE: 2015-0555 --> <html> <!-- Vulnerability found and PoC coded by Praveen Darshanam http://blog.disects.com CVE-2015-0555 targetFile = "C:\Program Files\Samsung\iPOLiS Device Manager\XnsSdkDeviceIpInstaller.ocx" prototype = "Function WriteC
  5. E gasit de ceva vreme ,nu mai am video cu PoC, dar merge. PoC : Reward : Hall Of Thanks : https://secure.sony.net/hallofthanks , Numele meu real este Ionescu George, ma gasiti pe linia a 2 a. Si bineinteles tricoul (Cred ca l-am mai postat)
  6. POC: http://localhost/?sd_action=demo&file=wp-config.php DEMO: hXXP://satoriwheels.org/?sd_action=demo&file=wp-config.php hXXP://skyhighrank.com/?sd_action=demo&file=wp-config.php Sursa
  7. Malicious URL Shortener + HTML5 DDoS PoC This project demonstrates the serious consequences of the Internet's increased reliance upon URL shortners, as well as how easy it is to create an unwitting DDoS botnet using new HTML5 features without actually exploiting a single computer. It is intended only for demonstration and testing purposes; if you target a site that is not yours, you are responsible for the consequences. Download: http://d0z-me.googlecode.com/files/d0z-me-0.2.tar.gz
  8. To avoid detection, this proof-of-concept code utilizes the Short Messaging Service (SMS) as a command & control channel. This adds fault tolerance because, if a smartphone is not available on the GSM network due to being powered off or out of service range, when an SMS message arrives for delivery, the message is queued and delivered by the network. Download the POC code from Here. Compiling instructions are simple and straight forward. Please follow these: Compile with arm-gcc with the -static flag set Copy to anywhere on the underlying OS that is writable (/data/ is good). Rename /dev/s
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