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cpanel activated or directadmin

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salut Nytro, multumesc pentru raspuns,  pai si as putea face cumva ca sa pot prelungi sa pot folosi mai mult de 1 luna? 

cineva mi-a activat licenta pe ip-ul meu de server si dupa mi-a spus sa rulez aceste comenzi:

Please run the following commands one by one through SSH in order to activate your DirectAdmin:
curl https://license.noor.host/pre.sh | bash

/usr/bin/CSPUpdate -i DirectADM



cum as putea face ca sa pot prelungi licenta sa pot folosi pt 2 luni sau 3,  etc .. ? 

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Thats for a shared license, which means you have to pay for it.

From what I understand they use a trial reset system thats centralized.

But at the same time the script also gives root to the supplier, so be careful with this.


I personally have used these types of licenses in the past and they do work as long as you renew them, but you cannot contact cpanel directly or the other companies.


Its not nulled either.


But it would be interesting to see someone debug the code to see what else the binary does to the system.

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On 6/9/2020 at 7:18 PM, lrdmafia said:


acest fisier face activarea la cpanel sau direct admin doar pt 1 luna  free

cine ma poate ajuta sa pot prelungii mai mult de 1 luna ca sa pot folosi una din cpanel-uri ?

ofer 150, 200 euro, 


am sa ma uit putin poate te pot ajuta, da-mi detalii pe prv cu versiunea.

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