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    Cerere !

    Arhiva de flood?WTF da' ce ma ai arhivat pachetele?Le-ai pus la naftalina?))))) P.S.Ce-i cu avataru ala frate?Esti hacker in flood?
  2. Security researcher has discovered some new features in the most dangerous Vawtrak, aka Neverquest, malware that allow it to send and receive data through encrypted favicons distributed over the secured Tor network. The researcher, Jakub Kroustek from AVG anti-virus firm, has provided an in-depth analysis (PDF) on the new and complex set of features of the malware which is considered to be one of the most dangerous threats in existence. Vawtrak is a sophisticated piece of malware in terms of supported features. It is capable of stealing financial information and executing transactions from the compromised computer remotely without leaving traces. The features include videos and screenshots capturing and launching man-in-the-middle attacks. HOW VAWTRAK SPREADS ? AVG anti-virus firm is warning users that it has discovered an ongoing campaign delivering Vawtrak to gain access to bank accounts visited by the victim and using the infamous Pony module in order to steal a wide range of victims’ login credentials. The Vawtrak Banking Trojan spreads by using one of the three ways: Drive-by download – spam email attachments or links to compromised sites Malware downloader – like Zemot or Chaintor Exploit kit – like as Angler Exploit Kit Mai multe aici: Dangerous 'Vawtrak Banking Trojan' Harvesting Passwords Worldwide - Hacker News Daca cineva detine sample rog pm.
  3. Off.:Iesiti ba in lume si futeti ceva real lasati labareala.Nu te doare mana? On:Vorbeste cu @io.kent el se ocupa cu conturi.
  4. Ba putin ajutor?!,futuva-n aripa numai havij si root-uri aveti in cap?
  5. Tocmai ce am terminat o tema pentru opencart,totul e ok,e responsive doar ca pe iphone si safari totul arata groaznic.Ba nu ia width/height corect,ba nu recunoaste anumite sintaxe din CSS3.Sunt in jur de 6000 lini de css,nu am timp sa stau sa rescriu totul+sa testez. Tema trebuie sa o predau maine seara la ora 20:00. Ce solutii aveti? P.S.: Pe chrome/opera/firefox totul este ok.Doar pe apple related shit face urat.
  6. When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns. In the past, we’ve made updates to ensure a site is configured properly and viewable on modern devices. We’ve made it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages and we’ve introduced App Indexing to surface useful content from apps. Today, we’re announcing two important changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content: 1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices. To get help with making a mobile-friendly site, check out our guide to mobile-friendly sites. If you’re a webmaster, you can get ready for this change by using the following tools to see how Googlebot views your pages: If you want to test a few pages, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Test. If you have a site, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report. 2. More relevant app content in search results Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search. To find out how to implement App Indexing, which allows us to surface this information in search results, have a look at our step-by-step guide on the developer site. source: Google Webmaster
  7. Worm64


    Salut Portare,bine ai revenit. Ban Aerosol pentru cont multiplu.))) Urat esti ma.
  8. 1.Bagasar dracu in culorile voastre ca ma dor ochii. 2.Cand am vazut numele aerosol,am dat rapid close.Scapati de el daca vreti sa aveti continut original si nu copy-paste 3.Pune inregistrare pe baza de invitatie,asta daca vrei sa nu iti intre toti incultii de la tara.
  9. Intrun fel imi pare rau,pentru mine internet explorer o fost ca un tata betiv cate ma batea tot timpul,dar pentru asta eu tot il iubeam,totusi o fost primul meu browser:)))))) Windows 10 will abandon the long-criticized Internet Explorer web browser, replacing it with a new “Project Spartan” brand, Microsoft has confirmed. Microsoft's marketing chief confirmed at the company's ‘Convergence’ conference in Atlanta on Monday that Internet Explorer, the major old web browser brand, will only be used in enterprise compatibility with the new Windows 10, which will be offering a new way of browsing the internet, The Verge reported. “We’ll continue to have Internet Explorer, but we’ll also have a new browser called Project Spartan. We have to name the thing,” Chris Capossela said. Microsoft's new web browser, for the moment being called “Project Spartan”, is currently being developed. Though it’s not available yet, it is said to have rejected the legacy of the IE code, thus becoming easier and faster in operation, with the best Javascript performance, according to some leaks. The project is likely to have a final name with the word “Microsoft” in it, because market research on Google Chrome users showed that people find it appealing. It is expected to be introduced alongside with Windows 10 at the end of this year. Internet Explorer has had a long history, doomed by a negative image, mocked by thousands of people on social media, as it failed to compete with rival Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. sursa: http://rt.com/news/241557-microsoft-internet-explorer-killed/
  10. Ba da' in pula mea,ia mai si cumparati temele ,la noi astia care ne futem noptile sa scriem cod nu va ganditi? Cumparati in pula mea ca nu lucram pe degeaba.Futa-va dumnezo de milogi.
  11. Se poate comanda si online,suna la 0269.436.777 Gasesti pe cineva in intervalul 10-18.Transportul costa 10 lei prin fan courier/cargus.
  12. Sunt cazuri in care utorrent.exe consuma cpu,dar asta din cauza reclamelor flash.
  13. Sincer,va meritati soarta.Nu mai trimiteti nimic inainte.Ce mama naibi ii asa greu de inteles?Repet,nu mai faceti afaceri cu useri noi,care nu au vechime pe forum. FOLOSITI ESCROW SAU CERETI AJUTORUL UNUI ADMIN/MOD. Thanks.
  14. Ba mi-e personal imi place,muzica buna.Recomand.
  15. Ahead o plecat sa isi caute oglinzile.VREA RAZBUNARE!
  16. Ba,voi cand o sa pricepeti ca nu exista scannere care prind bine,exista dictionare cu user/parole ok.Poti folosi orice scanner dar ai nevoie de un dictionar ok. P.S.Daca te hotarasti totusi sa cumperi unul,te rog sa nu dai nimic inainte,chiar daca user-ul ii vechi pe forum.Thanks
  17. Sa se scrie un program in C sau ASM care parcurge un sir de elemente si le afiseaza. In program nu aveti voie sa folositi functile:if();while();for();switch(); sau care sunt derivate din acestea. Aveti la dispozitie 48 ore. Dati PM cu rezolvarile. Solvers: 1 @cristidm 3.- 4.- 5.-
  18. La jlava,aiud,gherla.Acolo ii spuma. sti cum se zice: Am invatat programare La jilava-n inchisoare In 5 ani de condamnare. Dute acolo ca te invata baietii cum se programeaza in DOS.
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