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DefCamp 2017

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See you in November at DefCamp 2017


Want to experience a conference that offers outstanding content infused with a truly cyber security experience?

For two days (November 9th-10th) Bucharest will become once again the capital of information security in Central & Eastern Europe hosting at DefCamp more than 1,300 experts, passionate and companies interested to learn the “what” and “how” in terms of keeping information & infrastructures safe. 
Now it’s getting really close: this year's conference is only months away, and that means very early bird tickets are now available.


Register Now at DefCamp 2017 (50% Off)

What can you expect from the 2017 edition?

  • 2 days full of cyber (in)security topics, GDPR, cyber warfare, ransomware, malware, social engineering, offensive & defensive security measurements
  • 3 stages hosting over 35 international speakers and almost 50 hours of presentations
  • Hacking Village hosting  more than 10 competitions where you can test your skills or see how your technology stands
  • 1,300 attendees with a background in cyber security, information technology, development, management or students eager to learn

How to get involved?

  • Speaker: Call for Papers & Speakers is available here
  • Volunteer: Be part of DefCamp #8 team and see behind the scene the challenges an event like this can have. 
  • Partner: Are you searching opportunities for your company? Become our partner
  • Hacking Village: Do you have a great idea for a hacking or for a cyber security contest? Consider applying at the Hacking Village Call for Contests
  • Attendee: Register at DefCamp 2017 right now and you will benefit of very early bird discounts. 
Register Now at DefCamp 2017 (50% Off)


Use the following code to get an extra 10% discount of the Very Early Bird Tickets by June 27th. This is the best price you will get for 2017 edition. 
Code: DEFCAMP_2017_VEB_10





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21 hours ago, Nytro said:

Oberv ca lista de speakeri se actualizeaza din cand in cand. @Andrei cand o sa fie gata lista finala? :D 

La cum se misca lucrurile in general, cel mai probabil agenda finala va fi cu 1-2 zile MAXIM inaintea evenimentului. 


21 hours ago, usrnm said:

mai sunt locuri? :) inca nu am apucat sa cumpar bileet, nu stiu sigur daca o sa fiu in tara la inceputul lunii. Exista sansa sa ma trezesc cu sold-out? -_-

Momentan exista, nu stim cum vor evolua lucrurile in ultimile 2 saptamani.


Avem si un draft attempt de agenda: https://def.camp/schedule/

Edited by Andrei
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1 hour ago, Nytro said:

Ma bucur ca se numesc "Track #1", "Track #2" si "Track #3", pentru ca daca exista un "Main Track", toata lumea sa ingramadea acolo pentru ca "int main()" :D .

Da, da am stricat traditia din acel motiv. <visez>Poate intr-un an doi o sa avem atat de multe activitati in Hacking Village incat sa ne trebuiasca sala aia pt concursuri. :-))</visez>

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Offtopic: ce legatura are codette.ro cu o conferinta de infosec???

Citez "


Py@Codette - un workshop unde învățăm fete de liceu și studente să programeze în Python, mâncăm plăcinte și legăm prietenii. De la bazele programării și până la procesare de imagini, sau hacks pentru mail/automatizarea task-urilor făcute pe Facebook și până la game programming"

Urmatorul proiect: invatam mamele singure sa programeze in brainfuck. Ireal.

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3 hours ago, Nytro said:

La pagina de Speakers:

.ts-speaker-image img {
    height: 200px;
    width: auto;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;

Lipsesc acele "margin-*". @Andrei , pentru cei cu OCD. :D 

Ce ochi. :-)) Am reparat.


@gigiRoman Ne confunzi. :-)


@pr00f O sa schimbam, dar de acum dupa eveniment. 

Edited by Andrei
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O sa fie ceva de baut/mancat in cadrul ballroom-ului (inafara de restaurant, banuiesc), sau trebuie sa dam fuga prin alte parti? Avem voie cu bautura/mancare, pe langa restul de "echipament"?

43 minutes ago, Andrei said:

Pentru ca majoritatea oamenilor nu vor sa isi strice weekendul pentru activitati de acest gen.

"strice" :)

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