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Webinar Pitch Secrets 2.0


You need to know the strategy besides knowing how to execute each one of these webinar techniques. If you don’t have the target in your sight, it doesn’t matter how good your aim or execution is. In this guide, you’ll discover first the overarching strategy behind each of these techniques – then I’ll break down word for word examples for many of these techniques. At first you may decide to memorize them as they are – and that’s okay at first. Hopefully, over time you will get to understand intimately the underlying strategy behind each and every technique so you can adapt them as needed and make them your own… And do use these techniques as incentives to create your own.

I’m now going to give you a simple template you can follow when you first start doing webinars. As you get better, you should focus less on using this template so it becomes little more than a quick guideline for creating your own scripts.

You’ll see the template on the next page – if this is your first time reading this guide, most of it won’t make sense to you – that’s okay. I put it here as a quick reference point. After you read the guide, at the end we’ll revisit this template again and you’ll know exactly how to use it.

download : DepositFiles

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