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Nu sunt pe pastile boss, livrez cuiva CD--uri piratate cu manele si muzica lautareasca, oricum nu au (c)


Sa nu dau banii pe carcase si am topuri de A4, + spamurile ce imi vin de la Kauflad, Metro etc


Edit/v-ati imbracat toti in salopete rosii de criminali, si dati cu hate

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Law enforcement surveillance isn’t always secret. These technologies can be discovered in news articles and government meeting agendas, in company press releases and social media posts. It just hasn’t been aggregated before.

That’s the starting point for the Atlas of Surveillance, a collaborative effort between the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the University of Nevada, Reno Reynolds School of Journalism. Through a combination of crowdsourcing and data journalism, we are creating the largest-ever repository of information on which law enforcement agencies are using what surveillance technologies. The aim is to generate a resource for journalists, academics, and, most importantly, members of the public to check what’s been purchased locally and how technologies are spreading across the country.

We specifically focused on the most pervasive technologies, including drones, body-worn cameras, face recognition, cell-site simulators, automated license plate readers, predictive policing, camera registries, and gunshot detection. Although we have amassed more than 5,000 datapoints in 3,000 jurisdictions, our research only reveals the tip of the iceberg and underlines the need for journalists and members of the public to continue demanding transparency from criminal justice agencies.



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23 hours ago, aelius said:

Bre, ce pula calului e asta? Iti bati joc de noi :))))


da intradevar, scuzele mele



Steven Cook8 months ago

Notice the end of the receptacle changes. @ 8:15 its one type then when it light sup its completely different. There are camera cuts. So this is just another trick of batter operated light. The cfl isn't lighting up that bright either. The entire thing is a joke. You can't get 220v out of this retarded contraption.


/stiu ca la fizică scoteam din cartofi, dțasta am pus botul

//indianul face dropshipping pe amazon, acum am observat in descriere

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Aplicația YouTube Vanced îi ajută pe utilizatorii Android să vizioneze videoclipuri YouTube fără reclame. De asemenea, oferă funcții precum Redarea în fundal, Video imagine-la-imagine, Repetare video și multe altele. Aplicația este gratuită și funcționează pe smartphone-uri root și non-root. Sper că această aplicație vă va fi utilă

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